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Clean manufacturing facility set-up in Malaysia

According to a recent report, a major manufacturing firm, a company that is a provider of products and systems that purify, protect, and transport critical materials used in the semiconductor device fabrication process recently announced the grand opening of its expanded, state-of-the-art clean manufacturing facility in Kulim, Malaysia.

With an RM125.57 million (US$30 million) investment, the manufacturing company has increased the manufacturing capacity of the Kulim facility by 30%, ensuring the company is a steadfast partner for the leading semiconductor makers for years to come.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is having a massive impact on IC manufacturing. New technologies are requiring an enormous number of chips and a greater emphasis on the performance and reliability of those chips.

According to the president and CEO of the manufacturing company, this new standard calls on solutions that will enable the future of technology. This is being seen that this through the increase in demand for the company’s leading wafer handling products.

Thus, in order to meet this surge, the company has expanded its Kulim manufacturing capacity and capabilities, adding new tooling, moulding machines, and numerous updates to the assembly area to create a superior and unparalleled manufacturing facility.

According to the senior vice president of Advanced Materials Handling Division at the manufacturing company, this expanded state-of-the-art clean manufacturing facility enables the company to support wafer and reticle handling demand on a global basis for leading nodes now and into the future.

This expansion clearly aligns with the evolving needs of the industry addressing both the high demand for the company’s award-winning FOUPs and also the emergent need for the company’s ASML-qualified EUV reticle pods, which are critical for logic makers adopting the most advanced lithography processes.

As a nation, Malaysia is pushing for cleaner, greener manufacturing processes.

For example, at the start of last month, the country’s Prime Minister announced that Malaysia’s disruptive technology-driven car will debut in 2020, as reported earlier.

He noted that the country is making a big push into developing “disruptive technology-driven” vehicles for global markets, with its maiden model that should be ready for sale in two years. This new car will reportedly use 100 per cent disruptive technology and not follow conventional car manufacturing methods.

More recently, the Finance Minister, in his speech at the tabling of the 2019 Budget in Parliament, stated that The Government is committed to taking all necessary measures to protect the environment, both as a responsibility to and a gift to future generations, a report noted.

As forest and marine reserves are under the care of the State Governments, the Federal Government will allocate RM60 million to help fund specific projects by the state governments to protect and expand the nation’s existing natural reserves.

Moreover, to incentivise investments in green technology, an RM2 billion Green Technology Financing Scheme (GTFS) will be made available at selected commercial banks where the Government will subsidise the interest cost by 2% for the first 5 years.

He noted that in order to encourage the use of green energy, the Government will expand the list of green assets which qualifies for the Green Technology Investment Allowance (GITA) from 9 assets to 40 assets in the MyHijau directory.

Thus, this most recent announcement of the expansion of the manufacturing company is more proof that Malaysia is committed to pursuing cleaner, greener technologies and processes.

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