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CyberSecurity Malaysia signs MoU with Oman and takes on the security skills gap

CyberSecurity Malaysia signs MoU with Oman and takes on the security skills gap

CyberSecurity Malaysia, the national cyber security specialist agency working under the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry, has taken incremental steps towards cooperation and knowledge sharing.

Yesterday, CyberSecurity Malaysia facilitated the signing of an agreement to strengthen cyber security cooperation between Malaysia and Oman. The agency also made the announcement that they would hold an information security certification programme to train leaders throughout ASEAN.

MoU between Malaysia and Oman

On 11 October, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between CyberSecurity Malaysia and the Information Technology Authority Oman. Oman, Malaysia, and Australia placed third in the Global Cybersecurity Index, which shows their high commitment to cyber security.

The aim of the MoU is to order greater collaboration between the two countries, in the wake of the growing threat landscape.

Each country’s respective cyber security authority would cooperate on matters relating to risk management, protection of sensitive infrastructure organisations, and the facilitation of training, education, and research

The Information Technology Authority Oman will help CyberSecurity Malaysia build a security test laboratory and study the Common Criteria scheme development.

“As cyber threats, cyber-criminal and cyber terrorism continue to implicate fear, corrupt and disrupt our cyber space, it is crucial to continuously put the efforts to provide protection, education and forge strategic alliances towards the creation of a safe cyber environment for everyone” stated CyberSecurity Malaysia CEO, Dr Amirudin Abdul Wahab.

He emphasized the need for greater international cooperation in responding to the increasing number of cyber threats and attackers.

ASEAN workshop on Cyber Security

CyberSecurity Malaysia will be hosting a four-day information security certification programme next week, 17-20 November, to help boost the infosecurity leadership throughout ASEAN.

"The CCISO certification programme not only enable the prospective information security leaders to enhance their technical knowledge on areas like information security risk management, controls, auditing, core concepts and competencies but also focuses on areas which are extremely integral but often not catered for information security leaders such has information security governance, compliance, regulations, information security leadership, project management, operations and most importantly information security planning and finance." said Dr Amirudin, CEO of CyberSecurity Malaysia.

The workshop will address several threats facing the information security industry, while also touching on the skills gap in the cyber security community.

The aim of this program will be to enable those in ASEAN organisations to build a proactive information security roadmap which leads to greater security sustainability.

CyberSecurity Malaysia continues to innovate and cooperate with others to reach a higher standard of security management and assurance. Each of these steps puts them and their partners on the right path towards better protection against threats. As we have seen, collaboration is key to a better defense system for all.

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