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Data Analytics Fuels Medical Imaging Solutions in Australia

Image Credit: Philips

A Dutch multinational technology company has announced strategic partnership agreements for Managed Equipment Services with Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District and Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District in New South Wales.

Set out to be a twenty-year partnership, the Dutch company will provide essential services for all major medical imaging solutions. Services include delivery, upgrading, optimisation, replacement and maintenance. In total, nine hospitals across New South Wales will receive support in lifecycle management, financing, maintenance and performance optimisation for all major imaging solutions. It is the first of its kind in Australia and the ASEAN Pacific region.

As part of the agreement, the multinational will “structurally manage” the selected hospital’s inventory of diagnostic and interventional medical imaging equipment and clinical informatics solutions. Of those to be managed are other vendors from a diversity of clinical areas such as radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine. Another contribution the multination will make is in providing financial services.

The public private partnership is an opportunity for the Dutch company to help the New South Wales government administration to improve each Local Health District’s core objectives. Local Health Districts strives to do three things. First, it aims to boost a patient’s experience. Secondly, it manages the population’s health. Lastly, it maintains a budget management system which is both responsible and predictable to deliver the right care, in the right place, and the right time.

Another exciting collaborative effort will be to support the two Local Health Districts with an integrated data analytics solution developed by the multinational. Technology allows for more patient centric care to be crafted.

The first solution used to improved service is the PerformanceBridge Practice. The service pools together and connects data from a variety of sources such as imaging modalities and information systems. Moreover, the real time analytics it generates allows departments to act on the insights. Cumulatively over time, the data analytics will fuel the New South Wales’ healthcare sector’s quest for continuous service improvement.

Complementarily, each Local Health District is empowered with the DoseWise Portal. A radiation dose management solution, it is used to check and optimise radiation exposure to patients and healthcare providers. The tech-driven solution measures and boosts performance in an efficient manner. Moreover, the solution allows radiation facilities to compare themselves with others. The comparison is necessary because it gives practitioners an idea of how they fare and what the industry averages are. Moreover, within a single facility, those in the managerial level have the ability to draft informed standardise protocols using the exposure data. Importantly, the information gathered from the live Portal helps healthcare workers comply with local radiation dose management standards and regulations.

CEO of the company’s ASEAN Pacific arm said, “These long-term strategic agreements will allow us to innately support our partners’ objectives by providing outstanding, innovative and future-proofed healthcare to their communities, by making them better informed, more efficient and more sustainable. This first-of-its-kind service delivery model for Philips in Australia highlights how we are transitioning to becoming an integrated solutions and services provider that teams up in a shared framework to accelerate change in a new era of value-driven care.”

The data driven healthcare management solutions elicit a positive effect on the New South Wales hospitals.

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