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Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre launched in Australia

The Swinburne University of Technology has launched its new Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre (CIC) for Australia.

It is powered by a multinational technology company’s subsidiary, which provides cloud computing platforms and services.

As reported, the centre is the first of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. It will use innovative cloud technologies and intelligent data analytics to solve real-world health, wellbeing and social challenges affecting Australians.

The centre will leverage the capabilities of the University’s Data Science Research Institute along with the expertise of its researchers, particularly in health, social innovation and smart cities.

With the company’s proven innovation approaches and the collaboration between both, new digital solutions, products and services will be developed and made publicly available to benefit Australians.

Pursuing real-world challenges through research

Digital transformations in industry and society, together with rapidly growing and ageing populations, and changing workforces are creating significant challenges for society.

The centre will investigate new data-driven strategies and innovative solutions to improve the health, wellbeing, future-readiness, and social inclusiveness of the society.

It aims to develop intelligent, data-driven digital health systems to improve health care, health literacy and patient-centric support through personalised health-care solutions together with the University’s Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute and with the use of the company’s technology.

Chronic diseases like diabetes can be managed by these solutions through the development of data-based digital health programs and mobile solutions.

Real-time advice, medication guidance and support to individuals around lifestyle factors like diet and exercise will be featured.

Such solutions would reduce the burden on patients and service providers and would be particularly effective for elderly people living in rural and remote areas.

Additionally, the Centre will be working with the University’s Social Innovation Research Institute.

It will use data to enable residents become more engaged in their neighbourhoods, allowing them to understand issues that are of local importance and improve the transparency of local decision-making.

Industry experience for students

The centre will be beneficial for students as they will be gaining industry experience from it.

Some students, from vocational education through to PhD research, will have the opportunity to work on challenges for industry through the centre.

This will be part of a paid, full-time work component of their studies. They will also receive extensive digital and cloud-related technical training and mentoring.

The partnership will help address some of the country’s biggest social challenges using the company’s cloud technology.

It will pave the way for Australian organisations to work with leading education institutions to leverage data to create economic and social impact, transforming how the industry works to solve critical issues.


The Data for Social Good Cloud Innovation Centre will be located in the University’s Innovation Precinct, which connects the university’s research and innovation capabilities.

It is a place for staff and students to collaborate with industry, solve innovation challenges and produce commercial outcomes.

The centre is the latest addition to a global network of cloud innovation centres, powered by the technology, at universities in California, South Korea, France, Arizona and Germany.

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