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Data quality has never been so important. Why? Well, according to IDC’s latest report, “Data Age 2025”, the projected size of the global data sphere in 2025 would be the equivalent of watching the entire Netflix catalog 489 million times (or 163 ZB of data). In a nutshell, the global data sphere is expected to be 10 times the 2016 data sphere volume by the year 2025. As the total volume of data continues to increase, we can also infer that the volume of bad data will increase unless something is done about it.

Every data professional will incessantly chase bad data as it’s the bane of every digital transformation. Bad data leads to bad insight and ultimately biased decisions. That’s why it’s crucial to spot bad data in your organization, but it’s also perceived as hard to do.

This ebook will show you how to spot bad data and debunk the six most common myths about why getting rid of bad data in your organization is challenging. We’ll also introduce you to six organizations that were able to take proactive steps to reducing bad data, thus achieving great business outcomes.


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