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Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (DTLT) for Sports-Related Injuries in Malaysia

Malaysia Deep Tissue Laser Therapy

Adopting digital technology in the healthcare sector has been a priority in Malaysia as it offers faster, cheaper, safer and simpler services to patients.

Deep tissue laser therapy (DTLT) is one such technology that is being innovated on for improving healthcare services.

DTLT utilises a technology called photo-biomodulation that uses light energy with the sole purpose of stimulating the healing process, thus encouraging quicker recovery.

DTLT allows for a surgery-free, drug-free, and non-invasive modality technology aid.

The technology has proved its efficacy. It has given positive results within a shorter time taken for athletes to recover from their sports injuries, as compared to conventional physiotherapy treatments.

This has been made possible as the technology employs photon energy to penetrate the tissues in an ideal depth. Cellular reproduction is enhanced and growth factors are boosted.

Time and cost saves are some of the significant impacts of DTLT. This modern solution would deal with critical issues such as degenerative diseases, neurological disorders, bone fractures, wound healing, post invasive trauma, and post routine procedures for rehabilitation.

Datuk Noor Hisham Abdullah, Director-General at the Ministry of Health said that it is crucial for the national medical field to undergo transformation to stay relevant and be on par with other developing countries.

He added that technological advancement would boost the healthcare system in Malaysia while attaining endless possibilities for better service and quality outcomes.

A quicker recovery process is enabled as this technology allows for recovery from injuries at half the time as compared to traditional physiotherapy treatments. An athlete with a compound fracture would heal within 30 days with DTLT while the current procedural method would take about 90 days.

Of course, the time taken for the recovery process is also dependent on the type of injury.

DTLT is proving to be a game-changer on multiple levels; not only providing healing, it can extend an athlete’s career as it aids in mitigating damage and delays the ageing process of the body.

It is safe to say that DTLT possesses no negative side effects. The body will absorb light energy based on the level that is required. The absorption of light energy will stop once the damaged tissues have reached a healthy level.

Top-notch Olympic athletes are already using this technology and are reaping the benefits of it.

With this technology, Malaysia’s athletes stand a better chance at competing internationally in prestigious sports events.

Being always physically strong and fit is the desired state for any athlete, therefore the application of digital technology in ensuring that they receive the best treatment for any sports injuries is essential for their well-being.

This laser technology treatment is being offered in Lightheal, one of the first few physiotherapy clinics in Malaysia to do so. It has plans of expanding its services to more branches over the next one-year period.

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