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Department of Agriculture partners for its online delivery service

Image Credit: www.da.gov.ph/gallery/launching-of-ekadiwa/

The Department of Agriculture has teamed up with a private ride sharing company to launch its on-demand delivery service – eKadiwa,

The Department of Agriculture’s online marketplace project is aimed at supporting the livelihoods of farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs.

The e-commerce mechanism would also allow our consumers to purchase goods in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

“Through eKadiwa, we strengthen our commitment to providing every Filipino family a convenient and easier way to buying fresh, nutritious, and safe food products by simply using a mobile phone or computer.”
Agriculture Secretary William Dar.

Earlier, Secretary William Dar had announced the department is partnering with a ride  sharing partner and other businesses with online platforms to speed up the transportation of food from the provinces.

The partnership is part of the Department of Agriculture initiatives that is deploying new technologies to make the farm-to-table cycle more efficient.

The “Kadiwa Express” program will make use of the cloud, radio frequency identification (RFID) and other cutting-edge info-tech systems to track the movement of goods.

The programme can also monitor delays due to lockdown blockades and other issues causing inefficiencies in the system

“Kadiwa on Wheels” will also be able to determine where the produce may be most needed. Once determined which areas are under served, the mobile market would be be able to service the consumers.

“Because of COVID-19, food affordability, not only availability, becomes critical. The threat of food affordability is as real as hunger itself. If the supply chain is disrupted, food produced in rural areas just go to waste,” said Dar.

Wastage has been an issue as goods go undelivered because of the lockdown. This also was leading to shortages and inflated prices.

The new monitoring programme and digital tools aim to streamline the supply chain to function more efficiently.

The Kadiwa ni Ani at Kita program is a market system will facilitate the sale of essential agricultural goods at reasonably low prices to consumers. The programme is a partnership with local government units and the private sector.

The Department of Agriculture will procure fresh produce from farmers, food growers and agripreneurs to ensure that the sector is sustained throughout the lockdown period.

Image credit: Department of Agriculture Facebook page

The population will also benefit double as fresh produce will be delivered to them and the need to travel will be done away with.

The project will provide access to the local produce from the Department of Agriculture partners including Ani Express, Zagana, and Benjabi.

The sourced produce will be delivered to consumers by the local transport partner who will handle deliveries through its existing service network.

The ride-sharing company said it was supporting the Department of Agriculture’s vision in an effort to unlock the potential of agricultural entrepreneurship through technology and innovation.

The partners are hopeful that the local produce would be delivered across the nation with the help of technology and the wide delivery network of the ride sharing company.

“As we all cope with the pandemic and chart our nation’s path towards the new reality, I am always hopeful for the future of agriculture and agripreneurship in our country. As we all know our hard-working farmers barely make ends meet due to layers of middlemen, but with the Department of Agriculture purchasing fresh produce directly from farmers and agripreneurs, they are now able to earn more,” the company’s president said.

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