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Department of Finance to expand online training programs

Other employees of the Department of Finance (DOF) may be given the chance to experience what was initially for local government treasurers, according to a recent report.

Department Secretary Carlos Dominguez III wants to expand the online education program provided for the local government treasurers to cover other employees as well.

The Department can begin with online orientation programs for new employees and its attached agencies that involve basic courses such as familiarising themselves with laws, rules and regulations.

Since a lot of people are taking online course, the Department believes they should also start doing online training. Online orientation can be done especially if it involves rules and regulations.

The task of performing a study on how this can be done using cost-effective approaches such as “thin clients”, which are lightweight, hard drive-less computers, to minimise the costs.

Initial approaches were done by videotaping some of the basic courses offered by the Philippine Tax Academy (PTA) to new employees of the Department and its attached agencies, which can then be uploaded online.

The idea to implement online education programs for DOF employees came about after a recent meeting regarding cloud services.

It was learned that it is possible to access selected online courses and classes through a private cloud service dedicated to the Academy or the Department.

In this way, enrolees can remotely access the online course offerings through their own computers, tablets or smartphones.

With the use of “thin clients”, the Head of the Department’s Central Management Information Office (CMIO) assured that it was possible to come up with this online setup.

These “thin clients” will be used to establish remote connections to the main PTA server.

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has partnered with Huawei Philippines to encourage young innovators to come up with ICT solutions meant to empower communities.

The Academy has already submitted to the DICT its three-year Strategic Information Plan, which includes setting up an information system for the Academy to facilitate knowledge sharing.

Huawei Philippines is ready to offer its information and communications technology (ICT) solutions and organise workshops to assist the DOF and its attached agencies in migrating to an online environment.

The company is also planning to introduce soon to the Philippines its cloud service, which would further boost investor confidence in the economy as it helps reduce costs for businesses in terms of investing in computer hardware and software.

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