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Digital 21 Strategy to drive Cloud Services in Hong Kong

Digital 21 Strategy to drive Cloud Services in Hong Kong

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) in Hong Kong is working on expanding its Digital 21 Strategy to drive development of cloud computing in Hong Kong.

Ir. Allen Yeung, former GCIO, stated at a recent cloud computing event, “In our new Digital 21 Strategy, cloud computing together with Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things, wireless and mobile technologies, have been identified as the key enabling technologies in propelling Hong Kong into the next stage of ICT development. Recognising the great potentials, the Government seeks to drive the development of cloud computing in Hong Kong on various fronts.”

To facilitate this drive, the OGCIO has created an Expert Group on Cloud Computing Services and Standards. Through this body, they launched InfoCloud, an information portal to provided resources relating to cloud computing.

Government Public Cloud Services

The OGCIO recently announced it would arrange an ongoing supply of public cloud services to Government bureau and departments. The Government Public Cloud Services listing arrangement ended on the 31 of May.  Potential Government Public Cloud Service (GPCS) providers could make requests after the 1 June to include their services on the GPCS supplier list.

40 public sector agencies have been supplied more than 300 public cloud services up until May. This was allowed through a 3 year arrangement using GPCS. Now, the listing arrangements have been converted to an ongoing process due to the demand for GPCS by the public sector agencies.

Since May, 26 public sector agencies have adopted public cloud SaaS. Some services taken on include e-conferencing, email hosting, web hosting, and web casting. The OGCIO said that reasons for adopting these services were time efficiency and cost effectiveness

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