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Digital Empowerment Programme Fosters Digital Inclusiveness in Thailand

Thailand’s Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) has launched “ETDA Digital Citizen” – an awareness-raising course on the use of the internet. This is in line with the context of Thai society as a guide for the transfer of knowledge to develop digital skills in interesting ways.

ETDA’s mission is to better the lives of Thai people through the use of digital technology and online transactions that are secure, safe, and dependable. To achieve this goal, ETDA continues to operate both the production and dissemination of teaching materials, videos, and infographics, and also travel to the areas where Thai people live in order to transfer knowledge and develop skills among them.

Elevating Thai people to use the internet creatively and knowingly about cyber threats towards quality digital citizenship is one of the important missions of ETDA as an agency.

– Chaichana Mittrapan, Director of ETDA

Recently, ETDA organised the “EDC Trainer Showcase” as part of their network building and unveiled the first 23 EDC Trainers that have received the certificate to guarantee their readiness to share their knowledge and to build digital citizens using the internet. EDC Trainers receive theoretical training from digital professionals and are expected to meet the needs of people in their society while also ensuring a long-term knowledge transfer.

The ETDA desires for the localities to have knowledge of digital skills and to remain aware of hazards posed by the internet, particularly those posed to youngsters and the elderly, who are at the greatest risk. Participation in EDC Trainer is something that people of all walks of life in Thailand are showing interest in.

This offers locals of all ages the opportunity to participate in learning, training, and knowingly enhancing their digital abilities and potential to become a digital trainer or EDC Trainer who is prepared to act as a bridge to pass on information to other members of society. The entire training process takes more than three months, including a practical exam, and recruits individuals ranging in age from youngsters and teenagers to senior citizens.

The ETDA Digital Citizen or EDC programme will consist of activities such as the dissemination of knowledge from ETDA experts who have been on the ground to impart knowledge to target groups in various areas across the country. EDC Trainer is one of the activities that will be included in this project.

In addition to ETDA, there are several other agencies that provide training like what ETDA has provided. However, the agency provides an additional opportunity to participate in the promotion of the development of high-quality digital citizens who are knowledgeable by providing a central platform for the collection of information pertinent to digital people.

Furthermore, DEPA, along with the local agencies, private sectors, and institutes, have worked together on the preparation of labour development plans in Chonburi Province. These plans aim to develop essential digital skills for businesses, freelancers, and vulnerable groups by implementing a programme called “New Skill, Up-Skill, and Re-Skill.”

Around Chonburi Province, DEPA wants to foster the growth of a digital sector that is staffed by digitally skilled workers. It recognises the demands of the province as well as the small and large business owners for the employment of a workforce with digital skills to enhance the number of chances available in the business world.

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