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Digital Economy Working Group’s Global Agenda

Image credits: kominfo.go.id

The Minister of Communication and Information Johnny G. Plate conducted a series of discussions at the beginning of the Fourth Digital Economy Working Group (DEWG) Meeting. To meet the challenges of a digital future, the Indonesian G20 Presidency is working to create a global agenda for digital transformation.

Prior to attending and directly opening the event, Minister Johnny opened and inspected 12 Industrial Task Force (ITF) exhibition booths which were participated by 12 both public and private partners of the Ministry.

Also presented was the artificial intelligence (AI) technology robot dubbed UU Robot, which means ‘You’ in English. The white robot measures about one meter high and wears endek cloth and a Balinese udeng headband. UU Robot greeted the guests and had a dialogue with the Minister.

The UU Robot with 5G technology can already interact with humans through voice commands, visual commands, and other gestures on demand. For example, raising your hand, walking, doing several movements doing questions and answers if ordered.

Robot UU is one example of 5G technology that was exhibited for the DEWG G20 delegates. In addition to AI technology, in the last DEWG G20 event, the exhibit also brought virtual reality technology, augmented reality, to the Internet of Things (IoT) to be introduced to the public, especially to the delegates who attended.

Meanwhile, the development of private firms based on information technology is crucial to human presence. Film companies frequently adapt it into feature films which show the assistance of robots in the movies can have a significant impact on the difficulties of the heroes.

With this, Minister Johnny agreed that the private sector’s involvement in the contemporary digital era is crucial. It demonstrates the growth of modern digital technologies such as AI and with the introduction of technologies like driverless automobiles, smart robots, and AI-based technology, it feels like people are living in a science fiction movie.

Hence, the film inspired Indonesia to join in the development of private industries based on technology. The government, through the Ministry of Communication and Information, intends to use the ITF event at the 2022 DEWG conference as one of the means of promoting the growth of the technology-based private sector. Indonesia hopes to expedite this growth through collaboration among stakeholders from within and beyond the country.

The Minister stated that the ITF DEWG G20 event is intended to contribute innovation to the country’s technical developments. Because it demonstrates the ingenuity of Indonesian business sectors in adapting technology innovations that meet the needs of the times. Thus, the global society is aware of the many technical innovations used by Indonesian commercial industries and as a result, it may pave the way for future collaboration.

In addition, the delegates discussed the proposed declaration of the G20 Minister for Digital Affairs, also known as The Bali Package. It will be addressed again in the upcoming days to finalise by the G20 digital sector ministers at the G20 Digital Economy Ministers Meeting (DEMM).

Prior to this point, the DEWG has held three meetings and multiple intersession sessions to discuss the three DEWG Priority Issues. The Ministry held the 4th Digital Economy Working Group meeting, followed by the DEMM. During this summit, the DEWG Industry Task Force established the adoption of Indonesia’s digital technology as a method of collaboration between the government and industry for all G20 participants.

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