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Digital licences for NSW drivers available on mobile devices from as early as 2019

Digital licences for NSW drivers available on mobile devices from as early as 2019

An announcement made by the NSW Government highlighted that the digital drivers’ licences may be
available through the Service NSW app as early as 2019.

Given the successful
trial of digital drivers’ licences in Dubbo, the NSW Government will be
introducing its legislation into Parliament in May 2018 to enable a state-wide
rollout of digital drivers’ licences.

digital drivers’ licences trial occurred from October 2017 to February 2018 in
the city of Dubbo, NSW. The primary goal of the test was to try the convenience
and functionality of the digital drivers licence. It will also help pinpoint
any other changes that need to be done before its rollout.

Dubbo was
selected for the trial because it is a large regional city with a population of
42,000 and a good demographic spread. In addition, the Dubbo Police (Orana
Local Area Command) is the headquarters for the NSW Police Western Region,
making it ideal to facilitate and oversee the trial

During the
trial, the test focused on 2 common uses for drivers’ licences. They are:

interactions with Police, such as traffic stops and random drug and alcohol

evidence of identity and age at selected licenced venues in Dubbo.

is purely voluntary. The participants were asked to fill out surveys and
provide general feedback on their experiences.

Minister for Finance, Services and Property Victor Dominello said the
Dubbo trial was a big success and drivers gave it the thumbs up.

“The legislation will enable expansion of the trial so that other NSW
drivers can opt in to access a digital licence,” Mr Dominello said.

have become de facto wallets and we’re using cutting edge technology so that
drivers can use a digital licence in everyday scenarios," he added.

If the
legislation is passed, a driver could show his or her digital licence as
proof of identity during a roadside Police check, as well as proof of age to
gain entry into pubs and clubs. The initiative aims to save time and make life
easier for the individual.

digital drivers’ licence would be available through the Service NSW app, and
will provide increased protection against identity fraud compared to the
physical driver licence. The
digital licence allows you to view, show, update, and renew that licence. There
will be no more need to physically visit a service centre or wait for something
in the post.

When the
digital driver licence is made available, the individual will have the choice
to “opt-in”. Drivers who opt in will still be provided with a physical card,
but not required to carry it with them.

Just like
with other digital licences, the digital drivers licence will be available in
the Service NSW app. There are no plans to phase out plastic drivers licence
cards. They will still be issued to the individual.

drivers’ licences will offer a range of benefits. They are:

cards to carry – the individual can show identity, age and ‘permission to
drive’ using a secure mobile device app (at no extra cost to the standard
licence fees).

– ability to update details and renew licence from your mobile device.

Security –
be able to control personal information.

Real time
information – real time updates and licence specific information, including
renewal reminder notifications.

Under the
proposed legislation, the Road Transport Act 2013, the Photo Card Act 2005, the Gaming and Liquor Administration Act 2007 and the Liquor Act 2007 will be amended. 

rollout of the technology will be subject to an implementation plan. 

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