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Indonesia state-owned surveyor firm ramps up digital transformation

Several organisations, both in the public and private sectors, are continuing to improvise and adapt to a new normal as a result of the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic. In government, it’s not agencies that are stepping up their game by introducing and adopting innovative concepts to streamline services. In fact, many state-owned firms are diving into the realm of digital transformation to drive results and along this vein, contribute to a collective effort in boosting e-governance frameworks. 

One of them is state-owned enterprise PT Surveyor Indonesia (Persero). In a statement, the company announced that it has launched the Surveyor Indonesia Net Culture or SyNC as part of its commitment to usher in digitalisation in processing and analysing primary and secondary data that would be the basis of government policies. The announcement was made during the virtual launch of the software. It was attended by top officials of the state-owned firm and other government officials. 

During the event, Alex Denni, Deputy for Human Resources, Technology and Information of the Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises explained that SyNC is anticipated to scale up business processes, talent acquisition and development and service innovations.

He took the opportunity to discuss the importance of having key players in the field of Testing, Inspection and Certification (TIC) be at the fore of introducing and leveraging digital innovations. The Deputy said: “Digital transformation in TIC needs to be accelerated so that we remain relevant to the development of the era because later, many traditional roles in TIC can be replaced by technology, such as field surveyors, which can be done remotely.” 

The Deputy for Human Resources added that from the perspective of the Ministry, technology should always be prioritised and given ample room for support. This is particularly important to implement synchronisation and in imbibing a spirit of developing a digital culture for firms like Surveyor Indonesia. 

For the Ministry, digital transformation is a necessity and not just an added value for services that can be simply discarded. It is a tool that can be utilised by key players in the industry in shedding off traditional mindsets and embracing an array of digital elements.  

This call was echoed by Iman Pambagyo, Chief Commissioner of Surveyor Indonesia. He noted that now more than ever, companies need to strive to be at the centre of innovation and not just be a mere observer at the sidelines. This, the Chief Commissioner said, is at the heart of efforts to launch the SyNC programme amid several challenges in the arena of digitalisation. 

Other officials of the state-owned enterprise also expressed optimism that shifting to the digital paradigm would not become a mere buzzword in the future. They emphasised that the goal is not to allow digital transformation to lapse into mere jargon but for it to be an essential unit, a backbone of improved company culture. 

Efforts in putting up SyNC were well lauded by officials present during the event. They added that there is immense potential for the programme to be the “starting point for developing young talents”. This comes as the TIC industry continues to grow and be developed so there is a need to fast-track the implementation of digital initiatives as part of an improved work culture that will not only adopt existing innovation but will likely put firms at the fore of developing key digital tools. 

Other government agencies share the same sentiments. As reported earlier by OpenGov Asia, the Ministry of Law and Human Rights said that they remain steadfast in their effort to accelerate innovation by sparking what is referred to as a ‘digital revolution’. It will do this by building on some of the digital platforms it introduced last year. 

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