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Digital Regulatory System to Boost Victoria’s Dairy Industry

Victoria Dairy Industry

A new digital regulatory system will boost efficiency and food safety standards in the Victorian dairy industry while helping to strengthen global competitiveness in the sector.

According to a recent press release, Minister for Agriculture Jaclyn Symes launched the Dairy RegTech 2022 model at Dairy Food Safety Victoria’s annual general meeting.

Dairy RegTech 2022

  • The Victorian State Government is investing AU$ 500,000 to pilot the program that reduces the regulatory burden for dairy licensees and supports dairy education initiatives.
  • Anyone involved in the production of dairy products in Victoria is required to have a license and comply with specific conditions.
  • For many licensees, this involves an audit process which focuses on reviewing paper records.
  • The pioneering model uses digital data collection and analytics to monitor the food safety performance of dairy businesses.
  • It is an initiative for the future regulation of the Victorian dairy industry.
  • The new digital model will support a proactive approach to meeting regulatory requirements and will include education and incentives to promote a positive food safety culture.
  • It integrates performance data, which are indicators of process and product related risks as well as measures of behaviour, which is food safety culture.
  • This will verify commitment and achievement of regulatory food safety compliance across the entire dairy supply chain, rather than solely focusing on audits.

Collaboration is Key

In addition, it has been designed in collaboration with the Victorian dairy industry to ensure global best practice in dairy regulation.

They partnered with industry in developing, piloting and implementing a different approach.

It will leverage on the strong understanding by the Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) and industry of the importance of food safety culture in food assurance systems and incorporating food safety culture into operational and decision-making frameworks.

DFSV is currently working with manufacturers and will kick off the new model with the farming sector from next year.

They are ensuring that the highest standards of public health are maintained by the dairy industry, and that dairy businesses are supported to promote a positive food safety culture.

Victoria’s Dairy Industry

  • The dairy industry is worth AU$ 1.9 billion to Victoria. As the country’s largest dairy exporter, Victoria produces 79% of Australia’s dairy exports.
  • The State Government is committed to supporting Victoria’s dairy industry.
  • The Minister explained that they are working closely with the dairy industry to make sure this innovative new digital regulation model will help to grow Victoria’s sector while prioritising the safety of dairy consumers.
  • The dairy industry is an important part of the state’s AU$ 14.1 billion agriculture sector and a key component of the plan to grow the sector to AU$ 20 billion by 2030.
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