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Digital Services and Room, Service Virtualisation, Information Security within Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission

Digital Services and Room

Malaysia’s Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) is a government agency in Malaysia that works to investigate and prosecute corruption in the public and private sectors. The MACC has embrace digital transformation as a way to engage with citizens in a more efficient and accessible manner.

The MACC was recently recognised at the Malaysia OpenGov Excellence Awards 2015 for their Excellence in Analytics for Employee Innovation and Excellence in Analytics for Business Operations.

We caught up with Mr. Tan Sri Abu Kassim bin Mohamed, Chief Commissioner of MACC, to discuss his work in data analytics and what MACC will be focusing on this upcoming year.

MACC Digital Services and Room to Improve Service Virtualisation

MACC is working to further develop service virtualisation throughout the whole of the department within the upcoming year.

So far, MACC hosts their Complaints Management System (CMS) and Filter Systems Integrity (eSTK) through online service platforms. To serve public demand for mobility, the MACC also provides SMS reporting services to citizens.

 “We are looking to develop a more advanced virtual system at our department,” stated Mr. Tan Sri Abu Kassim bin Mohamed, “We want to make sure MACC has a high standard and public can access any information from MACC that is allowed. This system must be quick, efficient, and easy to access.”

The MACC is fairly active on Twitter and Facebook and has been able to conjure up a following of citizens who are active through social media platforms. This allows them to engage with a wider audience, thus delivering optimised services to the public.

The MACC is working with MAMPU to develop a system that will be efficient enough for their department staff and the public. This will allow for faster response and investigation into reported claims.

Information Security within MACC

Information security is a great concern for MACC as they handle a bevy of classified data relating to cases of corruption in the public and private sectors.

“We are the only enforcement agency to be recognised for its information security measures,” stated Mr. Tan Sri Abu Kassim bin Mohamed, “We understand the importance of keeping confidential information, secured.”

Public Sector agencies are often being challenged by the growing IT security skills gap. As the number of threats increase, it is vital that the MACC strategises new ways to fill this gap and retain optimal data security.

“As much as we can, we try to develop our systems in house. This allows us to make sure our officers can manage this system and know how it operates,” a MACC public servant told us, “Due to the growing skills gap, we must utilise in house skills as our employees will be the ones managing these systems.”

It is crucial to MACC that they develop the skills of their in-house IT staff while also integrating higher security measures. While developing their new system, MACC will look to MAMPU to ensure that proper security solutions are provided within their infrastructure so that they may continue delivering quality service to citizens.

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