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Digital Talent Scholarships to boost Indonesia’s skilled HR

Indonesia’s Gadjah Mada University is inviting students in their final year, or those who have just graduated, to take part in the digital talent development program organised by the University’s Faculty of Engineering.

According to a recent press release, they are once again opening the opportunity to grant 450 scholarships to interested parties so that they will be given the chance to choose one of the three digital fields of interest for their training.

Digital Talent Scholarships

These fields include artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity. These three have the most demand as digital industry players need them the most.

The 450 digital talent scholarships are part of the Ministry of Communication and Information’s initiative, which had already provided a total of 25,000 scholarships involving 30 partner universities, 23 polytechnics and 4 international certification bodies.

According to the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, this training is one of the programs being carried out by the Ministry in order to bolster the capabilities of the country’s human resources in the field of Industry 4.0.

Digital training

The digital talent training will be able to support the development of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the country, which is rapidly developing and increasingly becoming advanced.

The participants who will finish the digital talent training will receive international certification from a plethora of companies.

They will get pocket money and rock grant for living expenses worth US$ 103.67 (IDR 1.5 million).

Training will commence in June 2019 and will run for two months, ending in August.

Why upskill?

The country has seen many new economic actors emerging from the digital field. In this era of digital technology development, the ability to adapt to change produces the winner in the global competition.

Hence, it is absolutely necessary to prepare and train quality human resources. The country should not remain as spectators while digital industry talents are improving in other countries.

Local fresh graduates should be equipped with strong digital talents as well.

More and more of the talented youth, who are equipped with the digital capabilities, are being hired and recruited by large industries in developed countries.

Medical record application

In other news, talented students from the University developed a medical record application, which stored a patient’s medical health history in digital form.

Medical Track was inspired by the lack of existing medical record applications that could be used during a disaster.

In the event of a disaster, it is difficult for volunteers to provide healthcare assistance without a background of the patient’s medical history.

Among the features of the app is the accessibility of the medical record online and offline. It also has a disaster management feature that has pre-disaster, during disaster, and post-disaster information.

The third feature is the consultation, which allows patients to make consultation requests for health workers.

Various developments are still being made to the application. The team hopes to be finished by the end of June 2019.

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