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Digital Transformation to Advance the Philippine Export Sector

Billions of people all over the world have been connected by mobile devices with unprecedented processing power, storage capacity. Add to that how access to knowledge had become unlimited.

Coupled with emerging technologies brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the possibilities are endless.

Emerging technology breakthroughs include artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage, and quantum computing.

Digitalisation for the Growth of the Philippine Export Sector

According to a recent press release, these are just some of the technological breakthroughs that are featured in the National Export Congress (NEC) held recently.

Moderators and panellists will tackle the best of what these technologies have to offer, specifically for the Philippine export sector.

The panel sessions will focus on “The Critical Role of Technology and Collaboration in Growing Exports” and Enabling Exports through Digitalization.”

Session 1 discussed the following topics:

  1. Making it Easy to Export (National Single Window, Self-certification, E-CO)
  2. Innovative Financing to Grow Exports (Digital Payment, Fintech, Policies on Digitalization, Blockchain
  3. Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) Breakthroughs
  4. Build, Build, Build for the Digital Economy
  5. Innovation Programs for Exporters

Session 2, meanwhile, discussed the following topics:

  1. Emerging Technology Breakthroughs (3D Printing and Internet of Things)
  2. Logistics in the Digital Era
  3. Exports in the Digital Economy
  4. Financing Platform: Trade Credit Insurance

The event gathered various stakeholders from the government, academe, industry and civil society not only to strengthen but also to forge better collaboration to discuss the dynamic transformation of the economy into the digital era.

This year’s theme “Driving Exports Through Digital Transformation” puts forward the government’s thrust for the exporting community to adapt to the fast-paced technological advancements and embrace the era of the digital economy.

About the Philippines National Export Congress

  • The NEC is an annual event led by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) conducted every first week of December.
  • It is being celebrated to obtain total commitment from the government and the private sector to continuously work together to sustain export promotion and development.
  • DTI Secretary Ramon M. Lopez highlighted how these technological advancements and innovations can pave the path for Filipino entrepreneurs to be more globally-competitive and open access to new markets for their products and services.
  • These modernisations can give people more opportunities to learn and earn in new ways.
  • Undersecretary Abdulgani Macatoman of DTI-Trade Promotions Group (TPG) stressed that digital technology can enable a transparent business environment and a robust industrial strategy that can free entrepreneurs and their people from certain tasks.
  • They can now concentrate on addressing more complex business issues, thereby giving them more autonomy and better solutions for their company’s possible issues.
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