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Digital University in India Launches Online Blockchain Course for Start-ups

The Digital University of Kerala (DUK) has announced the launch of an online certified Blockchain start-up programme to help entrepreneurs sharpen their skills in cutting-edge digital technologies. The course will cover Blockchain basics and how the technology is applied over different business verticals, including government operations, banking, supply chains, real estate, environment, and healthcare.

DUK, India’s first digital university launched in February this year, will conduct the course in collaboration with the Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII) in Ahmedabad, and the Kerala Blockchain Academy. It is a 14-day virtual classroom training programme and aims to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to deal effectively with the issues, opportunities, and challenges concerning entrepreneurship. It also provides requisite information regarding the necessities for setting up start-ups in the Blockchain technology sector.

According to a report, the first batch is to be launched on 7 June with a limit of 35 participants applying on a first-come-first-serve basis. The course will be conducted online by EDII and the Kerala Blockchain Academy (KBA) experts. It will seek enrolment from students, graduates, business professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs, who wish to establish their start-ups or expand their existing businesses in the Blockchain sector.

Addressing the official launch, Dr Saji Gopinath, Vice-Chancellor, Digital University of Kerala, said that entrepreneurship can improve the quality of living, acting as the wheels of economic growth in the country. Blockchain has the potential to be a transformative technology. “It can groom the talents with technology and skills to create long-lasting entrepreneurs in the blockchain space.”

The programme also analyses the concept of understanding entrepreneurship, defining start-ups, developing own tech start-up ideas, building the right legal foundations, start-up marketing, branding, and fund-raising. The online instructor-led training is made accessible from anywhere in the world and delves into the various use cases of Blockchain, analysing real examples of how different industries are executing the technology and improving their businesses.

Dr Sunil Shukla, Director General of EDII, noted that Blockchain technology is at a nascent stage in India. Many industries are still unaware of it or do not understand its efficacy. However, it is a useful technology that can bring great value to banking and finance, healthcare, supply chains, and real estate. Hence, it is important to nurture entrepreneurship in the sector at this stage.

The trained entrepreneurs will have tech-related information along with the necessary entrepreneurial and management skills to set up their start-ups in the Blockchain domain. EDII and KBA, under the leadership of Digital University Kerala, are also planning to bring out more nuanced courses in Blockchain technology. Dr Asharaf S, Dean (Research & Development) of Digital University Kerala and Professor-in-charge of Kerala Blockchain Academy, stated that Blockchain has the ability to verify the attributes of a transaction and help in bootstrapping and operating a marketplace without the need for a traditional intermediary. Digital finance technologies, including Blockchain, have ensured growing opportunities for quality entrepreneurship training in the Blockchain domain, he added.

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