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Digitalisation at Singapore Army’s enhanced Mobilisation and Equipping Centre enables faster processing

Digitalisation at Singapore Armys enhanced Mobilisation and Equipping Centre enables faster processing

Singapore’s Minister for Defence, Dr. Ng Eng Hen, visited a mobilisation and equipping exercise (MOBEX), conducted by the Singapore Army, at Selarang Camp today. Dr. Ng was briefed on the Army’s mobilisation system and observed NSmen (National Servicemen) going through in-processing and equipping of personal weapons and equipment, before undergoing refresher training on soldiering fundamentals. In particular, Dr Ng witnessed the use of the enhanced One-Stop Mobilisation and Equipping Centre (MEC). The One-Stop Mobilisation and Equipping Centre (MEC) concept mobilises and equips NSmen with the assigned equipment, all under one roof.

The MEC features structural and information technology improvements, including self-service kiosks and storage facilities with Controlled Humidity Environment to further reduce time spent by NSmen and logisticians.

Ten self-service kiosks and two helpdesks have been introduced at each MEC, reducing manpower requirements.

In the past, NSmen needed to scan their identification cards to register at the counters manned by operators and capture their photos in the system for verification during security checks at each equipping station. The self-service kiosks have automated the process of verification and capturing of photos and it can be completed by the individuals themselves.

A single scan of the NSman’s identification card at the self-service kiosk will register his particulars into both the Auto-Identification Enabled Readiness System (AIDERS) and the E-mobilisation In/Out Processing System (EIOPS) simultaneously.

The time required for in-processing will also be shortened from 1 min to about 20 secs, improving the NSmen mobilisation experience. At in-processing, the self-service kiosk will print out a Mob slip with a barcode and the list of equipment that the NSman is required to draw (as compared to an A4 printout in the past). This Mob slip is used to register the equipment that the NSman draws/returns at each equipping station.

During out-processing, the process of verifying the returned equipment will also be automated. Upon scanning the identification card at the self-service kiosk, a slip will be printed if the NSman has completed the returning of equipment. Any outstanding equipment that has not been returned will be reflected at the self-service kiosk.

Storage facilities have been equipped with CHE (Controlled Humidity Environment) system for preservation of platforms. The CHE allows for electronic systems to be kept on-board the platforms during storage, translating to higher readiness and efficiency. Previously, electronic systems need to be removed from platforms slated for preservation and re-assembled by technicians before being deployed for operations. By storing the platforms in a CHE, time-consuming and tedious assembling and integration tests are not required.

Green technology has also incorporated into the enhanced MEC. The multi-storey MEC is equipped with solar panels to provide renewable energy as a source of alternate power. Light intensity controls are used to allow pre-set levels of brightness in accordance to needs. Motion sensors are installed at common areas such as toilets and staircases to save electricity within the facility. In addition, as part of the efforts in water conservation, used water is channelled to a dedicated storage container that is equipped with a filtration system. The used water is then recycled for usage at the washing bay.

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