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DTA Reaffirms Partnership to Continue Digital Transformation

Image Credits: DTA, Press Release

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) in Australia has entered into an agreement with a US-based tech giant to make it easier and more cost-effective for government agencies to access the company’s products and services.

This agreement builds upon the first iteration of the arrangement from 2018, which aimed to streamline the procurement process for government agencies and provide them with greater access to the firm’s technology offerings. The partnership is also expected to help accelerate digital transformation efforts within the government.

The arrangement, valued at AU$ 725 million over 5 years, has greater flexibility for agencies to transfer assets and enable reuse opportunities across government and streamline contracting to reduce the time, effort and resources required throughout the procurement process.

The CEO of the DTA stated the agreement intends to provide continuity and support for the business systems that are used by government agencies. This is important because these systems are critical to delivering services to the public and ensuring that they function effectively and efficiently is essential.

The partnership aims to help participating agencies access the company’s products and services in a more streamlined and cost-effective way, which can help them to modernise their IT systems and better serve the needs of their customers. Additionally, the continuity provided by the agreement can help to ensure that the government services Australians rely on will continue to be delivered effectively.

The DTA CEO noted that by the Commonwealth negotiating as one entity, the contract will continue to provide government agencies with better value for money and more flexibility when sourcing commonly used IBM products and services with a focus on essential government requirements.

The agreement provides crucial funding for the government, including training and certification programs to enhance digital skills throughout government agencies. The two are also discussing opportunities to explore emerging technologies like quantum computing and artificial intelligence.

The Managing Director at the firm’s Australia branch, who is also the Vice President at the firm stated that the arrangement will see the company continue to support the Australian Government in accelerating the adoption of innovative technology to modernise government services.

The company plans to collaborate with government agencies to investigate how new technologies can improve service delivery, resulting in a more secure, sustainable, innovative and skilled Australia, he said.

The agreement was reached and signed by the DTA, Australian Taxation Office, Department of Defence, Department of Home Affairs, and Services Australia. The DTA played a key role in coordinating across the government to provide an efficient arrangement that maximizes the value of taxpayer money.

The recent partnership with the technology company is a positive outcome for both the government and the strategic partner, as it supports crucial government services including the response to the pandemic and disaster events. The company’s products and services that will be accessible through the new arrangement include its offerings for hardware, software, cloud services and professional services.

The Digital Transformation Agency’s Procurement of ICT-Related Services report by the Australian National Audit Office made eight recommendations directed to the Digital Transformation Agency aimed at allowing the agency to better manage procurements.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) embraced the review and concurred with the ANAO’s emphasis on increasing transparency in the DTA’s internal procurement process, with the goal of effectively managing contracts and achieving value for money.

The DTA is taking action to address all the recommendations and has implemented additional measures to improve procurement processes, contract management, integrity, and management of conflicts of interest.

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