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E-initiatives from Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries

Taking advantage of the rapid development of science and technology, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) has been continually striving to improve the overall context of people working in the industry. The Ministry has taken several steps to ensure a safe working environment in the marine industry, believing that ensuring the well-being of human resources is a basic right and an absolute requirement to compete globally.

Improving the context and environment of the industry has been carried out through training and counselling. During the COVID 19 outbreak, activities that were usually carried out face-to-face were hampered so that the KKP switched to the Digital System.

To implement this switch, the Statistics and Information Data Center together with the Training and Extension Center through the Education, Training and Extension Centers in various regions in Indonesia organised a range of programmes for people to improve their skills through breakthrough digital training ( electronic learning).

Differing from the general digital training, the programmes are conducted using models based on technical skills where participants are invited not to just watch, but also to interact directly with the trainers. This KKP digital exercise was integrated into a fisheries’ online learning application called “e-Net”.

Developed by the Center for Statistical Data and Information of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the E-Jaring application can convert F-2F/manual learning/training material into digital form, allowing all marine and fisheries communities to get their learning materials online.

The materials offered are diverse, ranging from fish cultivators in floating cages or nets, seaweed cultivation, fish feed manufacturing, maintenance of fishing boat engines, making environmentally friendly fishing gear, to making various types of processed fish.

The E-Jaring application can be analogous to a class in cyberspace because there are teachers, instructors. Through the e-net platform, the KKP plans to train a minimum of ten thousand marine and fisheries communities in 2020 through systemised modules and materials. On successful completion of the training, participants will get a certificate.

Advantages of E-Jaring:

  • Open to anyone interested
  • No limits on time and place; can be accessed anywhere
  • Training happens faster
  • No onsite requirement for participants
  • cost is much cheaper than F2F modules

The ministry is also building an online, mobile E-presence solution to facilitate employee performance during the pandemic.

The rapid development of information technology today has had a huge impact on people’s lives. Both government and citizens realise that technology can facilitate a better life, especially in terms of meeting service needs. The demands of society ultimately require the government to reform public services by improving the performance of public services and providing comprehensive services, which can satisfy all parties without discrimination.

Since mid-March 2020, when the pandemic epidemic began to rapidly spread in the nations, the government was forced to declare restricted movement orders, social distancing measures and other safety precautions.  To mitigate the effects of these circumstances, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries has been trying to deploy new solutions and technology, so that they can continue to provide services to the community to maintain a degree of continuity and normalcy in terms of the economy and societally.

The Center for Statistical and Information Data, together with the Secretariat General’s Bureau of Human Resources, has built an application to monitor the attendance and activities of employees both at the central and regional levels (UPT) as well as to find out the distribution of Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries employees in an online location called ” E-Employee Presenci”.

Prior to the pandemic, employees attendance was done biometrically with the touch of a finger on arrival and return from the office during working hours. The Employee e-Presensi application is deployed on an online platform that is activated via a Desktop / Laptop or Mobile (HP). It also uses fingerprint recognition that can be used in a Work From Home (WFH) or Work From Office (WFO) context.

There are numerous advantages of this employee e-presence app as it can be used anywhere at any time. It does not require any additional equipment or machines and does not require a system or software installation.

From a management point of view, it makes it easy to analyse attendance data in real-time. Equipped with a location map (GPS), the app can be used to can monitor employees anywhere, ensuring their safety and productivity.

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