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Enhancing Online Shopping Experiences in the Philippines

Virtual shopping bridges the gap between online and in-store shopping, bringing a human touch to e-commerce experiences. The result is a true omnichannel experience that seamlessly blends online and offline.

An associate working in-store, at home, or in the corporate office can instantly connect with online customers via text, chat, or video. Customers can use this real-time connection to ask questions, virtually try on products, and get product recommendations from a product expert while also browsing the entire online catalogue of products. Customers are using online sessions with store associates to search out product options before utilising physical stores to complete purchases, which is assisting in keeping brick-and-mortar commerce alive and well.

To capitalise on the country’s growing popularity of online transactions, a new e-commerce shopping platform has been officially launched as more than just another online store, but as an online business aggregator that will bring a diverse range of local merchants directly to any Filipino with a smartphone.

The mobile-native virtual mall currently has 12 product categories: fashion, food and beverages, beauty and wellness, speciality products, home improvement, sports and lifestyle, electronics and gadgets, e-services, department store, pharmacy, supermarket, and hardware.

The shopping platform will also provide online streaming services via its TV platform, access to a 3D virtual cinema, unlimited access to local and international films via another entertainment platform, and assistance to merchants in increasing real-time user engagements and attracting online customers via its own live streaming platform.

The platform is similar to other online shopping apps in that it has already partnered with over 20,000 payment centres, allows customers to keep track of orders and Wishlist, and has a 24/7 customer service and Live Chat service in place.

During its official virtual launch, the CEO of the shopping platform highlighted how buyer and seller protection on pre-existing shopping apps is still lacking to this day. As a result, the platform will focus on providing customers with “top-notch” security mechanisms to avoid bogus items while also ensuring its merchants are committed to providing global standards of service.

“This a momentous event for the e-commerce industry in the country. Our country has been governed by international and foreign-owned e-commerce sites; these are the giants of the industry. It is time that this system has to be challenged.” The CEO added.

The app is backed up by a smart logistics feature that connects with third-party couriers, a system that automates warehousing and logistics, AI enhancements that assist merchants in deciding which goods to sell based on data and market demographics, and a fraud detection system with self-locking capabilities.

OpenGov Asia reported that one of the Philippines’ largest, most experienced, and most reputable logistics providers are on a mission to accelerate the success of Filipino entrepreneurs. The logistic company is introducing a new service to cater to digital sellers. The new delivery service is the company’s newest nationwide online pick-up and delivery service aimed at assisting online micro-businesses in the Philippines. Essentially, the service allows digital micro-enterprises all over the Philippines to immediately upgrade their logistics by becoming a partner.

The company believes that having an affordable and dependable pick-up and delivery service available to online micro-businesses is an important component of customer satisfaction and will allow them to attract more customers.

Aside from the aforementioned services, the shopping platform also collaborates with travel agencies and tourism boards to provide travel booking services. Users can also use the app to pay for government services.

With virtual shopping, retailers can keep teams selling whether they are working from a store, their home, or the corporate headquarters. Many retailers have seen tremendous success by utilising virtual shopping platforms from the comfort of their own homes. When brick-and-mortar locations are closed, they can provide the tools and resources their associates need to give customers the confidence to buy.

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