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ETDA and NCC to develop online complaint system

Image Credits: ETDA, Press Release

According to a recent press release, the Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA) and the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NCC) signed a memorandum of cooperation academic cooperation in the development and promotion of electronic technology and transactions.

The aim is to implement the mission and the authority of the NCC Office at Think Big Meeting Room, 20th Floor, Electronic Transaction Development Office, The Ninth Towers, Bangkok

The Chairman of NCC, who presided over the ceremony, said that the agency’s main aim is to prevent and suppress corruption as well as boost transparency and verification. This will be achieved by encouraging people to participate actively through the complaint system.

The agency will also develop proactive measures to prevent fraud; these will be imposed on government officials in the specified positions. The officials will have to submit accounts, assets and liabilities publicly to be verified.

Meanwhile, the ETDA will work to develop, promote and support electronic transactions of the country, using modern information technology to facilitate and make electronic transaction services available in both public and private sectors. The aim is to build confidence in the technology by ensuring the tech is developed in accordance with laws and international standards.

The ETDA and The Office of the NCCC will cooperate on supporting the development and promotion of electronic technology and transactions to help make operations within the governmental agencies efficient and transparent in providing services to the public sector.

The Chairman of the ETDA stated that Thailand is currently driving the economy and society with full technology and innovation. Every department has used technology and innovation to develop the government service system to be able to operate in electronic form.

On 2 April 2019, the Cabinet approved the principle of issuing official documents via digital systems and developing the service system to be an electronic service system with ETDA-driven.

In addition, the agencies will look into collaborating with other countries to determine how they use electronic technology and transactions in operations. This mutual cooperation will help create impact and confidence in the development of electronic services.

The Director of the Electronic Transactions Development Agency said that the MoU, in addition to supporting the public service through the NCC’s online office, will enable the two parties to become more efficient. The move is also an important step in the process of digitising documents and enhancing the state’s digital economy skills.

Enhancing the state’s digital economy will be enabled via the creation of technology confidence in the citizens of Thailand; they must be assured that the new tech is stable, safe and practical both in the dimension of personal data protection (Data Protection) and cybersecurity. Moreover, the technology must be able to verify digital evidence and push to make Big Data useful in the determination and analysis of measures. Finally, the tech must succeed in creating an anti-corruption culture.

In this partnership, the ETDA will cooperate in supporting the NCC Office in the development of the system. To support the filing of assets and liabilities complaints and complaints via electronic channels. It will also help the NCC maintain document management systems in the electronic data format and develop a complaint management system via chatbots.

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