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ETDA promotes national cyber resilience through security event

Image Credits: ETDA, Press Release

The ETDA announced the organisation of the Thailand Cybersecurity 2019, an international exhibition and conference exhibition under the Cybersecurity Digital Transformation concept.

The aim is to enable the Thai people to be digitally secure via the expert seminar platform that will update and share new cybersecurity trends.

The participants will have the opportunity to watch security innovations and book tables to negotiate cybersecurity business deals during the event.

The Digital Minister for Economy and Society officiated the opening ceremony and said that the Ministry will continue its commitment to change Thailand into a digital economy in accordance with the SIGMA framework. This framework consists of 5 areas, namely:

  • S (Cybersecurity) – focusing on protecting both personal information and organizations and infrastructure of the country from cyber threats
  • I (Digital Infrastructure) – this emphasizes the importance of infrastructure which will reduce social disparity. For example, the Pracharat Village Project which will allow the community to access the internet via an underwater cable and become a Smart City
  • G (Digital Government) – this emphasizes the various strategies that make it easier to make business more accessible to the public sector
  • M (Digital Manpower) – this focuses on developing key personnel to help drive the country into digital 4.0
  • A (Digital Applications) – this is the medium that will help open the Thai industry to existing and new businesses.

At this event, the Security aspect will be promoted the most which, in turn, will promote other aspects of infrastructure applications.

It is undeniable that systems across the world are being faced with information systems threats, according to European Parliament data. Global cyber-threat statistics from 2018 show 92% of malware comes from email channels and web-based attacks.

Hackers and attackers tend to target more CMS systems, including web applications or injection attacks – SQL injection is the most common.

As for Thailand, according to ThaiCERT data, the threat response statistics of 2018 indicate that 2,520 incidents were reported and coordinated to handle threats. The top three most common forms of threats are:

  • The threat of intrusion or penetration (intrusion attempts)
  • Fraud
  • Intrusion or successful penetration (intrusions)

Therefore, cyber threats must not be overlooked by any sector. The Ministry’s mission is to take promote the use of digital technology, economic development and society of the country.

The ETDA will promote online and e-commerce transactions and, in its new role, is a regulator that oversees the electronic transaction services business.

In the future, there will be two new agencies, (the National Cyber ​​Security Commission and the Office of the Personal Information Protection Board) who will work together to promote confidence in using digital technology and continue to drive cybersecurity work.

The event has received cooperation from leading organizations and cybersecurity companies both at the national and international levels.

Through the event, government organizations, private individuals, students, etc. can participate without free of cost.

In addition, the seminar forum with over 25 international and local experts will be conducted. These experts will share updates and new security trends. Leading organizations from around the world will be in attendance. Moreover, the participant will be able to open tables to negotiate Cybersecurity-related business.

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