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Bridging the Gap of the Analytics Divide

A Platform For Collaboration

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGov Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how public sector agencies can fully utilise democratised analytics.

Scale the Impact of Analytics Across the Organisation

Singapore’s status as an innovative nation is based on the uptick in the satisfaction rate between its service providers and constituents. Of course, strategic utilisation of data-centric tools significantly aids the delivery of services but also creates challenges.  

It is undeniable that data science and analytics can drastically alter and redefine the way people live, work, and interact with fellow citizens. A recent study showed that 97% of organisations are investing in big data and AI technologies but only 23% report being data-driven. 

To eradicate this bottleneck, providing a platform for diverse engagements allows the public sector workforce to offer people-centric services. The mission to make progress in the processes of data acquisition, analysis and automation is a continuous journey.  

Data must not be merely perceived as a cog in the well-oiled machine that is governance. Effective leadership must consider the constraint on data specialists dealing with exhaustible resources such as time and efficiency.  

There is also an increasing expectation for analytics automation to build agile, reliable datasets that provide knowledge to decision-makers to enable change. Actional intelligence garnered from such platforms is invaluable to the delivery of service to the citizens, community and workers.  

Democratisation of Data  

Sharing data between public agencies can be done through public-access online portals. Not only can developers easily collaborate on digital resolutions to societal issues, but every individual has the potential to convert data into insights to move forward.  

Envisioning quicker outcomes, deeper insights, and greater decisions will be a reality if each stakeholder in the public sector can contribute more creatively.  

The Analytics Gap  

Solely relying on data scientists, data engineers, etc. may be untenable, and indeed, impossible. Skills and capabilities in data processing and analysis require a concerted effort from all employees. If every staff member is empowered with data skills, it offsets the need to have a huge number of dedicated data professionals/experts.  

Democratising analytics means the deployment of tools that enable data workers of various skill levels and data talents to independently contribute to analytic capabilities. Such upskilling is a perfect investment, offering incredible dividends in the long term. Creating in-house domain experts need not be complicated and time-consuming when balanced solutions are at hand.  

Simplifying Magnitudes  

Systems in place such as software, data retrieval, and inter-agency dissemination make it possible for government organisations of any size to collaborate and streamline analytic processes. Insights required for local advancement and community uplifting are simplified and automated to offer outcomes everyone can use.  

Another resolution lies in the speed and accuracy of secure, compliant, and regulated public sector technology in the form of AI, analytics, and machine learning.  

Empowering Results  

Public agencies and their missions become catalysts of a bigger and brighter future when data and analytics are employed wisely. A unified approach to leveraging democratised analytics ushers internal progress through upskilling without a need for complications.  

To accelerate digitalisation in Singapore, secure data capacities must be ensured to pave way for high-impact performance and solutions. When agencies believe in the need for transformation and apply a new mindset, true digital transformation is embraced. 

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on how to achieve the goal of delivering a best-in-class citizen experience. One where citizens are more likely to perceive that they are interacting with a unified, accessible government that understands their needs.

The session will help delegates understand ways to implement personalised, omnichannel outreach and engagement with the citizens. The delegates will get insights on how to accelerate a citizen-centric approach, improve their digital experience and help agencies increase satisfaction among citizens to improve perceptions of government effectiveness.

This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with Singapore’s top public sector organisations.

OpenGov Breakfast Insights are concise,strategic level discussions designed to bring learning to the highest level! The unique proposition of this OpenGov Breakfast Insight is the integration of cutting-edge insights from our expert speakers and interactive discussion among the participants.

This unique session will present the latest research and real-time case studies on how democratised analytics can: 

  • Leverage new data technologies in building a digitally transformed government, economy, and society 
  • Deliver better and faster high-impact organisational outcomes
  • Diversify approaches in upskilling the modern workforce 
  • Simplify and automate processes for reliable insights and results 
  • Address the divide between people and technology  

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers in 2022

Dr. Joshua Lam
Data Architect
(Data Operations & Architecture, Chief Data Officer's Office)
Health Promotion Board

Yew Beng Lim
Head, Value Engineering (APJ)

Mohit Sagar
CEO & Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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