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Embracing E-Government Services to Build a Digital-Native Philippines

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OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on the e-Government services, best practices to provide exceptional citizen services more cost-efficiently and improve productivity, efficiency, and engagement.

IT modernisation to improve delivery and meet citizen expectations for secure, efficient, and cost-effective services

An aging population, the rise of millennials, budget shortfalls and dwindling resources significantly impact the way governments deliver services; but no single factor will be more important than the adoption and deployment of digital technologies.

Governments across the globe are in the midst of a historic transformation to digitise infrastructure. With rapidly evolving demands created by the COVID-19 pandemic, government is having to innovate on how best to provide citizen-centric services at every level.

The Philippines government has indeed made huge progress in digital transformation with the rollout of ‘E-Government Masterplan’, but the full potential of technology remains mostly untapped.

Like any other service users, citizens’ expectations and demands of government agencies to provide unparalleled and smarter services are ever-increasing. To fully satisfy and engage citizens in a digital age, e-government services must move beyond digitising processes and services and focus on citizen experience.

Exceptional E-Government Services in a Digital Era
Digitising is not merely about having social presence or adding a web-front for existing services. It is about ideating, building, running, managing, protecting and connecting all eGov services. E-government services must be citizen-centric and service-oriented to deliver significant benefits for the citizens who most need these services.

Legacy systems, policy and regulations often get in the way, hindering governments from transforming service delivery for the better.
Government agency applications were generally form-based, ‘tic box’ approaches that were easy to implement. These applications, on the other hand, constrain the ability to be replicated by other agencies and collaborate with related projects.

Trying to process today’s work with such legacy approaches and infrastructure puts an incredible burden on the government workforce, requiring excessive manual work to examine undocumented data files and coordinate them across disconnected systems. This has caused inaccuracy and hindered the flow of data in operations.

With a dramatic spike in workloads during the pandemic, only a fraction of the manual work gets done; and errors, fraud, waste, and abuse are inevitable.

Digital transformation should stem from the purpose of using technology to enhance citizen experience – personalised, interconnected and seamless.

As such, a successful digital transformation requires strong leadership, where governments invest strategically to leverage the right technologies. In this case, investing strategically means having digital initiatives focused on citizens

How do we create this citizen-centric and seamless e-government services?

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Kiyoung Lee
Executive Principal Researcher
National Information Society Agency, Government of South Korea

Michael Hoo
Director of Solution Architecture SEAK

Walter Co So
Country Manager, Philippines

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
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Kiyoung Lee
Executive Principal Researcher
National Information Society Agency Government of South Korea

Kiyoung Lee is an E-Government expert and managing Korea – Indonesia e-Government Cooperation Centre (eGCC) in Jakarta since 2016. 

He is managing the eGCC and conducting joined e-GCC projects for Indonesian government. Mr. Kiyoung lee coordinated and completed more than 8 projects to improve e-government status in Indonesia. He has been actively advising e-government related policy & law issues and also providing e-gov policy consultation. Mr. Lee has also assisted developing countries in building their IT and e-government capacity building.


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