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Robust, Scalable and Reliable Cloud Data Management – Resilient and Always-Ready Enterprise

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OpenGov Asia is is pleased to invite you to an exclusive highly timely OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight aimed at imparting knowledge on effective and efficient cloud data management and how to ensure data availability, accessibility, and protection across any cloud environment.

Robust, Scalable and Reliable Cloud Data Management – Resilient and Always-Ready Enterprise

Today, data is everywhere. And businesses across any industry need to capture it all: software logs, customer
information, customer journeys, product and service purchase history, service inquiries, marketing campaigns and feeds and the list goes on.

As data becomes more distributed, dynamic and diverse, holistic data-driven strategies have never been more critical to the success of today’s businesses. It is essential to enable those strategies by supporting new initiatives that utilise new data types, especially unstructured data coming from sources like social media or Internet-of-Thing devices.

While traditional on-premises data storage remains, the use of cloud and cloud-based services is non-negotiable. Many businesses have already embraced cloud services of all kinds to add applications, services, and infrastructure to meet digital needs as they arise.

Intelligent Data Management Strategies

Cloud-based services are essential tools to not only deal with these boundless data but also to build innovative customer-centric services.

With the absolute necessity of cloud is undisputed, multiple variants of cloud environment have emerged to manage vast streams of data – public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud.

A multi-cloud approach may empower organisations to avoid vendor lock-in or grants access to the wide variety of applications to accelerate their digital transformation. Contrarily, it potentially creates another enormous challenge managing data in a variety of different locations.challenges.

Robust cloud data management remains a significant issue with many enterprises. A smart approach to cloud data management takes a lot of planning as there are a lot of moving pieces that need to be considered before a data strategy can be put in place.

Therefore, organisations need centralised control and a unified view of all their data assets across the entire digital ecosystem – on-premises and on individual clouds. This provides a clear understanding of classification and ownership of data, storage location, how data is being accessed and any loopholes. This, in turn, allows for quick action to protect data and mitigate risk.

Setting up a full spectrum of cloud data management strategies gives enterprises a competitive advantage over its competitors and helps them steer through challenges.

Achieving Resilience Across Multi and Hybrid Cloud Environment

In the current volatile and uncertain environment, data protection is a key factor while ensuring its availability across any application or cloud infrastructure.

As the businesses use different cloud solutions and with the rapid growth of multiple types of data – particularly unstructured and dark data – data protection becomes a challenge.

Organisations must refrain from the traditional mindset of giving data protection short shrift and, instead, proactively assign high priority to data protection strategy. It should encompass visibility and classification, as well as predictable resiliency and integrated copy data management.

Readiness to respond and recover critical business services and data is essential for all organisations. The ability to securely move data between public and private clouds will enable businesses to achieve agility, business continuity and availability.

The question is – how prepared are you for the future?

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Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

Reuben Athaide
Head, Cloud Customer Engagement
Standard Chartered

John Abel
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer
Veritas Technologies

Andy Ng
VP, Managing Director, ASR Sales
Veritas Technologies

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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