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The Advancement of Information Management in the Public Sector

A Platform For Collaboration

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight that will provide the latest information management tools to improve public sectors governance, compliance and security at an accelerated speed. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top-level public sector leaders

Transparency Strategies to Increase Trust and Quality Using Cutting-Edge Technology

Globally, public sectors have comprehensively moved to information digitisation. This has been proven to be the fuel of the public sector today, allowing them to understand trends, make decisions and better serve citizens. With this, though, comes the tremendous responsibility of managing and protecting data – in terms of privacy as well as safekeeping. This has been done through policy, process and infrastructure.

Governments are focusing heavily on improving data quality, data governance, and data compliance as well as security as a result of the recent surge in digital information. It is critical to upgrade or add advanced technology mechanisms for gathering, analysing, and disseminating accurate information to improve citizens’ understanding of government activities.

Process and infrastructure are the other two pillars upon which a good data strategy is built. Information management enables data processing techniques in the public sector to become more secure and integrated while maintaining data quality.

Governments must improve decision-making, demonstrate accountability and openness with the right information management solutions. Properly managing public sector information, will ensure that it remains reliable, trustworthy and promotes the use and reuse of data by both public sector entities and the general public.

Agencies will be able to interpret structured and unstructured data insights into actions and outcomes through mastering information management methodologies. Analytics and trends will generate information-driven, actionable insights and simultaneously speed up decision-making.

Further, the risk of data being tempered or distorted can be mitigated if the information is automated to adhere to governance and compliance protocols.

The future of the public sector depends on trust and quality

Enterprise content management technologies ensure secure and instant access to information when, where and how it is needed. Obtaining this actionable result will increase decision-making speed and transparency, as well as add value to the data when it is transformed into recommendations for change.

Effectively mitigating existing compliance risk

To ensure public sector regulatory compliance, it is critical to managing information based on value. Suitable automation and integration tools offer appropriate proper data management that empowers compliance as well as diminishes risk.

Managing information exponentially multiplies the efficacy of decision-making

The public sector will be able to gain insights from data to make better decisions for citizens’ economic and health benefits. Agencies must be quick to demonstrate information accountability and openness by retrieving citizen data knowledge captured in unstructured text.

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight that will provide the latest information management tools to improve public sectors governance, compliance and security at an accelerated speed. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top-level public sector leaders.


OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insights are concise, to the point, strategic-level discussions designed to bring learning to the highest level! The unique proposition of an OpenGov Asia Breakfast Insight is the integration of cutting-edge insights from our expert speakers and interactive discussion among the participants. 

This unique session will present practical case studies of how information management platforms will enhance public sector information practices and will explore:
  • Stages for maintaining data quality by ensuring stability, availability and recoverability
  • Ways to accelerate public sector data processing strategies to become more agile, secured and integrated
  • Techniques for managing all aspects of software system security and compatibility
  • Accurate decision-making tools that will be able to demonstrate public sector accountability and transparency
  • Methods for automating information to comply with governance and compliance in place to minimise the risk of data tampering or modification in terms of security
  • Actionable outcomes that will increase the speed with which data is managed, as well as the ability to convert data into recommendations for change
  • Data management strategies that automate and integrate data effectively, mitigating any sort of risk

Who Should Attend

Meet Our Distinguished Speakers

speaker_david graham

David Graham
Chief Innovation Officer
City of Carlsbad, CA

Speaker_ole nielsen_resized

Ole Nielsen
Director, Enterprise Digital Delivery
Geoscience AustraliaPacific

Randy Goh
Regional Vice President,
Southeast Asia

LaRel Rogers
Senior Industry Marketing Strategist US
Public Sector

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
OpenGov Asia

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OpenText delivers solutions engineered to meet the unique needs of worldwide governments, while also maximizing existing infrastructure investments and supporting an integrated approach to meet the requirements of the post-pandemic environment. OpenText help organizations digitize processes and meet the challenges of fiscal austerity, transparent accountability and streamlined citizen services. Many government agencies rely on OpenText’s technology to:

  • Mitigate compliance risk
    Manage information based on value while managing government regulatory and public sector compliance mandates.
  • Fuel the future of Government work
    Leverage enterprise content management tools that ensure rapid access to information when, where and how it is needed.
  • Inform better decisions
    Extract citizen data knowledge trapped in unstructured text to become a more proactive government organization.