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The Power of Graph Data Platform and Enterprise AI Platform

A Platform For Collaboration

OpenGov Asia is pleased to bring an exclusive Breakfast Insight that aims to provide the latest information on delivering an effective and efficient customer experience using Graph Databases and Enterprise AI Platform. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top Singapore government institutions.  

Connecting the dots in an AI-Powered Organisation to Improve Complex Decision-Making Real-time


The growing potency in an Enterprise AI Platform combined with  Graph Data Platform is successfully enhancing machine learning models and ultimately tackling complex decision making effectively. Undeniably, both technologies are working hand-in-hand to make data relationships simpler by being scalable, performant, efficient and agile. 

The most evident advantages of Graph Data Platform were seen during the current pandemic when governments needed to track down community infections. From tracing connections via complicated social networks to comprehending interconnections, Graph Data Platform with Enterprise AI Platform has proven to be an excellent tool for data management in realtime. 

Graph Data Platform uccessfully assists in aiding governments to make data-driven, intelligent decisions. Additionally, it helps prevent fraud and potential information leaks that mushroom disproportionally with the rapid COVID-driven digitalisation. 

The added agility that Enterprise AI Platform and  Graph Data Platform offers, makes it clear that the combination should be the preferred decision-making methodologyFurther, an Enterprise AI Platform along with Graph Data Platform has proven to be cost-effective for the government.

 Graph Data Platform Technology Serving as a New Form of High-speed Information

Obtaining information in real-time has become critical for decision-making, particularly in times of crises. It has been demonstrated that information can be structurally arranged quickly using  Graph Data Platform which has to be integrated with an Enterprise AI Platform.

Qualities Requirement to Deliver Actionable Insights

It is essential to deliver insights from analysing information and drawing conclusions that will influence decisions making and drive change.  Graph Data Platform integrated with an Enterprise AI Platform will serve as the missing link for government to drive actionable outcomes from the data.

Combination of Enterprise AI Platform and  Graph Data Platform in the Public Sector

Government agencies will benefit from an enhanced machine learning model to build an intelligent application that traverses today’s large, interconnected datasets in real-time. The copious volumes of data that organisations generate and collect need to be analysed and interpreted if they are to streamline government methods in forecasting and serve policymakers in effective decision-making.

OpenGov Asia is pleased to invite you to an exclusive OpenGovLive! Virtual Breakfast Insight on delivering an effective and efficient customer experience using Graph Data Platform and Enterprise AI Platform. This is a closed-door, invitation-only, interactive session with top-level executives from Singapore public sector. 

This unique session will present practical methods and real-time case studies of how an Enterprise AI Platform along with Graph Data Platform technology will drive the future of Government and will explore:

Who Should Attend

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Dr David R. Hardoon
Managing Director
Aboitiz Data Innovation & Senior Advisor, Data & Artificial Intelligence UnionBank of the Philippines

Robin Fong
Regional Director-ASEAN

Alvin Pang

Alvin Pang
Sales Director (Asia)

Mohit Sagar
Group Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief
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