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EXCLUSIVE- 4th Annual Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 Recognition of Excellence – Part 1

This is Part 1 of a two-part series.  See Part 2.

The 4th Annual Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 held on July 18th brought together over 300 participants from national and state government ministries, agencies, departments along with FSI, healthcare and education sectors to exchange ideas and experiences.

It was a day filled with stimulating round-table discussions with innovative gamification methods, engaging panels and insightful talks by local and international leaders from FSI and public sector ICT.

In conjunction, OpenGov Asia held the OpenGov Recognition of Excellence (RoE) 2019, a commendation that aims to establish new benchmarks for government ICT innovation in the ASEAN and ANZ regions.

Indonesia has long shifted its focus towards engaging technology and innovation methods and solutions for building economic growth and competitiveness within the region. It applies innovative methods for improving the supply of ICT infrastructure and for e-governance.

This year, OpenGov recognised 13 Indonesian government agencies that are contributing to Indonesia’s innovation landscape.

The award winners for Indonesia OpenGov Recognition of Excellence 2019 are:

Bank Danamon 

OpenGov recognised the Bank Danamon for the initiative - D-Card Mobile.

Ronaldi Laksana IT Group Head Digital Front End Solutions Bank Danamon

D-Card Mobile App has various features for Danamon Credit Card holders to access transactions in real-time, bill payment, credit limit transfer, changing shopping transaction to instalment, and application for increasing/decreasing credit card limit (limit maintenance), reward point redemption, up to the application for new credit card.

Bank Mandiri 

OpenGov recognised the Bank Mandiri for the initiative - Mandiri e-Money

Joseph Georgino Godong Advisor Mandiri FinTech Investment and FinTech Operations Mandiri e Money

Bank Mandiri released the QR code feature as the latest innovation in financial technology. Mandiri Pay is a QR Code-based payment feature that will be integrated with E-Money electronic wallets, debit cards and credit cards


OpenGov recognised the OCBC NISP bank for the One Mobile initiative.

Ka Jit Head of Strategy and Innovation OCBC NISP One Mobile initiative

90 per cent of the bank’s existing branch functionalities are available on the app. Fee income via transactions on the app has also jumped by 46 per cent and retail time deposits opened through digital channels also grew eight times faster than that of traditional banking channels.

Bank Rakyat Indonesia 

OpenGov recognised the Bank Rakyat Indonesia for the Virtual assistant ‘Sabrina’ initiative.

Indra Utoyo Director of Information Technology and Operations Bank Rakyat Indonesia Sabrina Initiative

It can be implemented in social media sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Targeting at digital savvy people, BRI collaborated with a fintech partner for the neuro linguistic programming of the virtual assistant. The bank now has 30% of all transaction type enquiries being handled by this chatbot everyday with promising growth potential and operational cost saving.

City of Jakarta 

OpenGov recognised the City of Jakarta for Pulse Lab Jakarta.

Billy AlkadiaHead of General Administration Affairs Jakarta Smart City Management UnitCity of Jakarta Pulse Lab Jakarta

Pulse Lab Jakarta combines data science and social research to help make sense of our interconnected, interdependent, and complex world.

The Lab is a joint initiative of the United Nations and the Government of Indonesia, via United Nations Global Pulse and the Ministry of National Development and Planning (Bappenas) respectively. As part of the Global Pulse network (which also includes Pulse Lab New York and Pulse Lab Kampala), the mission is to accelerate the discovery and adoption of data innovation for sustainable development and humanitarian action.

City of Makassar   

OpenGov recognised the City of Makassar for the - Smart Cities Network initiative (ASCN).

Dr M Iqbal S Suhaeb SEMT Mayor City of Makassar ASEAN Smart Cities Network initiative ASCN

Makassar is one of the pilot cities included in the ASEAN Smart Cities Network initiative (ASCN) proposed by Singapore during the 32nd ASEAN Summit, which took place in March 2018

Province of West Java 

OpenGov recognised the province of West Java for the initiative - Digital Village.

Mochamad Ridwan Kamil Governor Province of West Java Digital Village

Digital village programs are one solution to improve the living standards of rural communities. The utilisation of digital applications or online village communities can increase the level of income and strengthen the potential of the village. It also includes a training program for farmers in the village to be e-commerce literate. Through a trading application they can trade easily and cheaply.

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