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EXCLUSIVE – 5th Annual Singapore OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 Recognition of Excellence – Part 4

This is Part 4 of a four-part series. See Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 here.

Over 500 government officials and senior technology executives from across the Singaporean government, banks, academic institutions and healthcare sector convened at the 5th Singapore OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 on 16th May 2019 at Marina Bay Sands.

The OpenGov Recognition of Excellence (RoE) Awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the OpenGov Leadership Forum.

An integral part of the OpenGov vision, Recognition of Excellence Awards are a commendation for agencies that establish new benchmarks for government ICT innovation in the ASEAN and ANZ regions. An Advisory Board, made up of former and current Chief Executives, select and vet these projects and initiatives. There have been over 200 recipients of these prestigious awards since 2016.

Though small, Singapore has one of the most technologically advanced infrastructures in the world and is expected to further expand its influence in not only Asia, but the global landscape. The work and contributions that these agencies have done to the technological development of Singapore as a Smart Nation is commendable.

This year, OpenGov is recognising and celebrating 14 agencies from the public and FSI sectors for initiatives that have achieved excellence in the use of ICT.

The award winners for Singapore OpenGov Recognition of Excellence 2019 are:

National University Health System

Ngiam Kee Yuan, Group Chief Technology Officer at National University Health System

NUHS won the award for the project – Discovery AI.

It incorporates different AI tools to make sense of the huge amount of hospital data and is automated to pull out and collate data, presenting them in ways which makes it much easier for health professionals to make decisions for patients. This helps to enhance the doctors’ ability to make better decisions, predict re-admissions of high-risk patients to allow closer follow-up, facilitate better use of laboratory investigations, and increase the efficiency of processes by intelligently automating some of the common tasks present in hospitals.

Republic Polytechnic

Left to Right: Mr James Tham, Programme Chair, Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management; Ms Wong Wai Ling, Director, School of Infocomm; Mr Soh Lai Seng, Director, School of Engineering; Mr Quek Yang Thee, Programme Chair, Diploma in Engineering Systems and Management

RP-LTA Rail Operations Management Lab and RP-RSA-Ensign Cyber Threat Intelligence Centre was the project awarded by OpenGov.

Launched at its Open House in 2019, the new facilities will provide students enrolled in the Diploma in Engineering Systems & Management (DESM) and Diploma in Infocomm Security Management (DISM) with an immersive learning experience and supplement their course curriculum with hands-on practice to prepare them for the real working environment.

State Courts

Left to Right: Ms Wong Peck, Senior Deputy Registrar; Ms Lim May Leng, Senior Director, Court Services

State Courts was awarded for their Real Time AI transcribing system.

It will be able to transcribe English oral evidence in court hearings in real time, allowing judges and parties to review oral testimonies in court immediately. Its AI is trained in court-specific vocabulary and other domain-specific terms, such as legal and medical terms for coroner’s inquiries. When implemented, parties will be able to view the live transcription of oral evidence in court proceedings, via a projection screen or on computer monitors in the courtrooms and hearing chambers.

United Overseas Bank

Michael Kao, Executive Director, Group Retail Credit, UOB

The joint launch of Avatec with Pintec Technology Holdings Limited (PINTEC) won UOB the award.

Avatec aims to help banks and finance companies to be more efficient and more accurate when assessing credit quality of potential customers, including those who are new to credit. The digital solution can also be extended to companies in sectors such as e-commerce, retail and travel that offer financial products such as point-of-sale financing.

Avatec provides companies offering financial products with an innovative next-generation credit assessment solution that analyses a broader set of digitised data beyond that which is traditionally used in evaluating personal or business credit applications. Avatec’s credit assessment tool harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and anti-fraud algorithms to determine an applicant’s credit quality within seconds.

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