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Fifth Data Centre in Malaysia

Fifth Data Centre in Malaysia

Initiatives centred around digital transformation and development are still being heavily rolled out in Malaysia even as the year draws to a close.

As proof of this, a global technology services provider announced that it will construct its fifth data centre at its Cyberjaya Campus in Malaysia.

Due for completion in 2020, CBJ5 boasts a Tier 4 ready, compact and modular design, to provide clients with flexible and scalable power and cooling solution.

The firm claims the facility will offer an industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is the first of its kind in Malaysia.

The announcement comes on the back of Malaysia’s Budget 2020 tabling that has placed focus on driving economic growth through the new digital era.

Understanding that data is in the epicentre of successful digitization, the government of Malaysia and other key enterprises are harnessing data and analytics as competitive weapons that will accelerate digital transformation across industries.

With the additional grants and incentives that have been put in place, there are increasingly more organizations considering digital transformation, leading to increased data centre demands to support expanding data needs.

This is the very demand that the new CBJ5 is looking to fulfil – providing clients with the facilities they require to enhance the readiness of digital adoption.

The CEO of the Malaysian branch of the tech firm stated that CBJ5 is designed to meet the requirements of hyper-scalers and high-end enterprises. In particular, those that require solid power management capabilities.

CBJ5 is able to accommodate progressive power increments and cooling of up to 10kW/rack. This is revolutionary as it will allow clients to maximize the power resources in their chosen data centre.

The firm aims to become the leading digital infrastructure provider in Malaysia and will attract both domestic and global traffic into its carrier-neutral data centre campus that also includes its global Tier-1 IP network, Multi-Cloud Connect platform and domestic Internet Exchange.

The Cyberjaya campus features a high-density fibre network facilitating inter-connection among clients to create a digital supply chain ecosystem.

Recently, Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) announced a set of guidelines defining Risk Management in Technology (RMiT) for financial institutions, meaning security becomes a crucial consideration as they are now responsible for the safety of the bank’s information infrastructure, systems and data.

The tech firm will address these new requirements by working together with financial institutions, so they are able to comply with BNM’s guideline.

In addition, security will be heightened as the company grows. The physical data centre access control will be increased to safeguard all data centre blocks within the firm’s Cyberjaya campus.

Smart security technology will be introduced. It will integrate Visitor Management Systems with facial recognition technology. Essentially, the security cover will be doubled.

Malaysia is moving in the right direction with positive and encouraging change in the digital economy. The firm is excited to be part of this movement by playing a role in boosting the economy and hopes continue the momentum and to help make the nation’s vision a reality through more public-private partnerships in future.

The tremendous growth potential in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand have led firms across the world to invest aggressively in the Asia Pacific region.

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