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Filipino start-up customises HR system to company’s needs

According to a recent report, a start-up scaling up from incubation at the University of the Philippines Cebu Business Incubator for Information Technology (UPCeBuInIT) set out to create technologies that would fit the process automation needs of the clients.

Customising the technology to fit their needs will spare the clients from making major process adjustments just to they can make use of limited automation technologies widespread in the market.

Payruler is a fully customised as well as comprehensive set of human resources (HR) software that tailor-fits HR process automation for Philippine businesses.

The software that they have built is not boxed, with the client trying to fit itself in the box. Instead they actually fit the box to the client.

Whenever they would have a demo, they would ask the pain points of the prospective client and would make the necessary tweaks.

Payruler has customisable modules for recruitment and human resources information, which includes assessment for regularisation, and asset and training tracking.

Its capability for timekeeping allows for multiple job shifts and tracking of overtimes and leaves. Its payroll technology automates benefits and deductions.

A module for reporting makes the information ready at any time.

A mobile app allows employers to keep track of their employees, approve leaves, and sign off on business matters while on the go.

Through an Employee Self Service mobile app, employees can also time in during field work, check their payslips, leaves, and loans, among others.

The start-up sells, rents and does the system. The system is sold to big companies for them to use it themselves.

MSMES that cannot afford to buy a million or two million-peso system, they pay rent for the system on a monthly basis.

For companies that are really small, with five to ten employees, the start-up does the payroll for them. Timesheets are sent to the company and the company will do everything, including reporting.

Payruler, from Cebu, has been challenging established brands and a lot of big names in Manila and began making a dent in this market immediately after launching.

The company was established in 2014 with only five people. It then moved in to UP CeBuInIT a year after, where they hired two more and had their first three clients, including the Philippine Stock Exchange.

They initially had a cubicle and ended up using the whole room. By word of mouth of its customised solutions, the users of Payruler have grown to around 51 since.

In handling human resources, including wages and benefits already reaching more than PHP 9 billion, the system is recipient to a huge amount of data.

This makes the start-up not only a business incubatee, but a possible partner of UP in finding what is best for human resources in the country.

Last year, the start-up received a grant from the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) for predictive analytics.

Big data will be utilised to identify flags or indicators, such as those which can be used for hires, retention, training, and costs and asset management.

With the DOST grant, the company is set to increase its 15-person staff, hopefully with researchers from the University.

Currently, three of the 15 are from the University. They hold strategic positions and carry with them expertise in management, computer science, and mass communication.

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