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First Australian Digital Health Ecosystem Launched

Australia Digital Health Ecosystem

RMIT University has partnered with the European Connection Health Alliance (ECHAlliance) for the launch of a digital health ecosystem in Australia.

The digital health ecosystem will strengthen the connections between patients, clinicians, researchers, policymakers, technology providers, and the community.

The Melbourne Ecosystem

  • According to a recent press release, the Melbourne Ecosystem, which is the first Australian digital health ecosystem, brings together people in the health and social care sectors.
  • The initiative aims to break down silos and open up opportunities for collaboration through regular meetings, events and online platforms and tools.
  • The Melbourne Ecosystem joins an international network of digital health ecosystems across three continents.
  • The global ecosystem network’s Director Ecosystems and Membership explained that the Melbourne Ecosystem comes at an important time in the growth of digital health ecosystems internationally.
  • There are already 34 thriving ecosystems in Europe and beyond, which are developing and driving healthcare transformations and breaking down silos.
  • In addition, these ecosystems are also providing new economic opportunities.
  • The launch of the Melbourne Ecosystem follows the launch of groups in Sri Lanka, Canada and Malta.
  • As the global ecosystem network grows, so do the connections for the members.

Background of the Initiative

The University’s partnership with the global ecosystem network in Melbourne has extended from the University’s European hub in Barcelona.

In 2018, RMIT Europe and the network ran a symposium on the transformation of healthcare for an ageing population.

This year saw the delivery of a forum on blockchain and health as part of the Mobile World Congress.

Who are Involved?

The University’s Director of Research Partnerships & Initiatives shared that the new ecosystem extends RMIT’s existing relationship with ECHAlliance as well as provides significant collaboration opportunities to RMIT’s existing partners and networks.

The University’s research and innovation priorities in health innovation will support the growth of the Melbourne Ecosystem, thereby bringing together the right people for true transformation in the sector.

In addition, the Melbourne Ecosystem will engage with ecosystems across the world, further providing knowledge exchange opportunities for Australian researchers, health providers and community groups.

The University is well-positioned to host the ecosystem with its strong reputation in design-led solutions for health and social care.

This is evidenced through the Health Transformation Lab; RMIT’s membership to the Digital Health CRC and Australia’s National Digital Health (ANDHealth) initiative; the Future Social Services Institute as well as the University’s participation in the Aitkenhead Centre for Medical Discovery.

Some of the locations of the global ecosystem network’s international network of digital health ecosystem include:

  1. Belgium
  2. Canada
  3. Czech Republic
  4. Denmark
  5. England
  6. Estonia
  7. Finland
  8. France
  9. Greece
  10. Germany
  11. Ireland
  12. The Netherlands
  13. Portugal
  14. Spain
  15. USA
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