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First unmanned retail store launched in Malaysia

According to a recent report, the way Malaysians buy and sell products is set to be disrupted with the introduction of a revolutionary humanless retail technology called a Retail Technology company. Launched recently, the state-of-the-art, technology is the brainchild of a joint venture between a group of Malaysian shareholders and a China-based company, the pioneer of the humanless and cashless convenience store in China and the world.

In an effort to bring added value to Malaysian retailers and consumers, Scientific Retail has further enhanced the technology. The new the tech offers retailers an exciting, cost-efficient and practical avenue to market and sell their products.

The easy availability and accesses-ability of the 24-hour unmanned store will provide consumers with a simple and seamless shopping experience. Furthermore, smart entrepreneurs are also invited to create novel ideas leveraging on this technology to spearhead new business ventures.

During the launch event, the CEO of the parent company stated that Scientific Retail was inspired by the growth and success of the unmanned store company, which launched its flagship store in June 2016. To date, the company has been successfully installed in over 400 locations throughout China.

The creators of the tech believe that this technology coupled with local enhancement will be ideal for the Malaysian market and are delighted to be the first partner outside of China to introduce this technology.

The CEO added that will save costs, improve convenience, and provide greater security. It also provides accurate data analytics, enabling business owners to understand consumers’ preferences, subsequently allowing them to customise their offerings to appeal to the targeted market segments.

The technology can cater to all types of businesses and across industries, from fashion to F&B, traditional retail to consumer electronics. The flexibility of this platform also allows unmanned stores to be placed at diverse locations including high rise residential and commercial towers, educational institutions and transportation hubs, amongst many others, he added.

The retail technology company’s stores also feature a highly advanced image recognition system that can auto-detect products. It also has sophisticated monitoring and interactive systems, including facial recognition, patented artificial intelligence and theft prevention.

All these will come together cohesively to provide unparalleled convenience and seamless experience for consumers. In addition, the parent company is able to provide consultancy services, end-to-end setup, which include external and internal fabrication, as well as 24-hour monitoring services and remote ‘face-to-face’ customer support, with a touch of a button, for consumers.

The Managing Director of a trading company said that they are delighted to be the first in their industry to offer this innovation to all Malaysians. This partnership allows the firm’s customers access to the Select store at any time of the day. Additionally, the cashless transactions provide added convenience which they hope will continue to keep them happy and satisfied.

The parent company of the unmanned stores also collaborated with Malaysia’s leading e-wallet provider to create a seamless mobile payment experience for users. The e-wallet provider stated that they are pleased to work with the retail tech firm in creating an integrated payment system that works seamlessly with the humanless retail tech. This integration with the retail tech company will allow consumers to shop and pay conveniently using one mobile app for a better user experience.

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