Day 1 Schedule :
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PM : - , -
Day 2 Schedule :
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PM : - , -

Day 1 :
"Cloud, IT Infrastructure, Modern Applications, Citizen Engagement, Agility, Security, Productivity and Operational Transformation".

Day 2 :
"Big Data, Advanced Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Emerging Enabling Technologies"
Conditions to VIP COMPLIMENTARY Ticket (valued at $995, AT NO COST):
1. This pass is offered at no cost to the delegate. The Organiser reserves the right to reject a registration by a non-qualifying applicant.
2. 2. As the session is Closed-Door, in the event that the registered delegate could not attend due to any other urgent matter, he /she must notify us 2 weeks prior and replace their attendance with someone else at a senior management position in their organisation.
3. Failure to attend for the entire duration (without replacement) will result in US$995 “non-attendance” fee. This fee covers the costs incurred for the delegate materials, food, as well as the opportunity cost of allocating the pass to someone else.