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Frontier of technology to be explored in 2-day event

A two-day event of ‘inspiration and exploration’ will help Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, to live up to its reputation as the country’s most creative city.

According to a recent announcement, the Victoria University of Wellington is teaming up with Miramar Creative Ltd to organise Creative Futures 2018.

The event will showcase cutting-edge technologies and their application in creative fields, business and future daily life through demonstrations, discussions and workshops.

New Zealand is renowned for being a world leader across a wide range of technological innovation, especially in areas related to creative production.

Wellington is not merely the capital for government, but it is also the capital for creativity and Creative Futures 2018 is a celebration of this fact.

Industry and academic leaders will speak of their own creative endeavours, aspirations and visions for the future. Several national and international luminaries from their respective fields are speaking at the event.

By sharing, the speakers aim to generate interest, inspiration and networking opportunities for all of the attendees and participants.

One of the topics that they are going to discuss is how technologies are transforming the creative process and bringing extraordinary characters and imaginary worlds to life.

A speaker will dwell on the latest technology developments specifically around Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in relation to Cloud based rendering of digital content.

Another speaker will share knowledge on the fundamentals of new technologies and what they look in educational and business development capacity.

Insights on the social awareness of developing technologies that are inclusive and connect with culture and heritage will be shared by another speaker.

This event provides an opportunity to take the audience on a journey of exploration to understand and to experience how new technologies will affect the lives of everyone.

The best way to learn and share about these technologies and how they are shaping the Creative Futures of the people is through practical, hands-on interaction.

A three-hour interactive workshop at the Miramar Creative Centre on Saturday 6 October will give intermediate and high school kids the chance to learn how to create digital textures, objects, and the ultimate digital tree-house space.

They will be given the opportunity to learn how the technology behind their favourite computer games and animated movies works, and have the chance to build, decorate and experience their own space in virtual reality.

An opportunity to network with a range of industry leaders and visionaries who are developing the latest creative technologies will be given.

Attendees can also meet the speakers and industry leaders involved with the event.

The two-day event will be held at the University’s Miramar Creative Centre, the Roxy Cinema, Weta Workshop Experience and Park Road Post Production on 5 – 6 October 2018.

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