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Global Upheaval Drives Digital Transformation

The pandemic continues to remain front and centre – be it the public sector, education, healthcare or industry. Yet in this devastation, human creativity has risen to the occasion, bringing forth a period of unprecedented innovation. Which, for the most part, has been in the area of digital technology or that has been enabled by technology.

The onset of COCVID-19 quickly accelerated trends that were already on the horizon. In just one year, digital adoption has happened at five to ten times the projected rate. Lockdown periods, economic uncertainty and loss of predictability have forced customers and businesses online in previously unseen numbers.

This migration has also upset the power balance, with customers now more in control of the relationship and less loyal to brands and products. This paradigm shift has moved to focus on customer experience, an issue that Adobe has been emphasising for years.

When the world returns to some equilibrium, there is no question that the new normal will be digital. To get an idea of what that could like like, To understand what transpired in the preceding year, Adobe has examined the journeys of organisations and senior leaders as they worked through this turbulent period.

Adobe’s 2021 Digital Trends Report is based on the learnings of digital executives garnered from real-life, practical, hard-fought battles during the pandemic.

Want to learn more? Read Adobe’s 2021 Digital Trends Report.


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