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Great Citizen Experience – the Smart Way Forward

Public sector leaders across the citizen service gamut – be it healthcare, education, human resources or finance – have a mandate to effectively deliver services irrespective of the environment.

Good citizen experience is one of the most essential components of an effective government. This means people need to know what is available and easily avail what they need. Irrespective of where people access the government, they should be able to navigate to where they need to be and get what they need to get.

Unfortunately, it is still a far cry from the seamless, personalised engagements that citizens have and expect from the private sector. While many governments are prioritising improvement in the way they engage with their customers, bureaucratic processes and outdated policies can often stymie good intentions. Getting information or accessing services from government agencies online continues to be a tedious process and often remains a frustrating experience in most countries.

A simplified, unified, cohesive experience across all departments and agencies is what whole-of-government is. And for the most part, efficiencies are being brought in through digital transformation using cutting edge technologies. However, in a usually siloed environment, this is no simple ask. Despite the availability and preponderance of platforms and solutions, and indeed, perhaps because of it, digital executives struggle to determine the best way forward.

To help decide their ideal strategy,  Adobe’s No-wrong-door offers a unique approach that leverages the power of the Adobe Experience Cloud to provide a smooth, efficient experience for citizens to navigate to where they need to be, irrespective of the ‘door’ they enter.

Want to learn more? Read Adobe’s No-wrong-door.


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