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HDB Greenprint @ Yuhua welcomes Singapore’s first green neighbourhood

HDB Greenprint Yuhua welcomes Singapores first green neighbourhood

Last week, the HDB Greenprint @ Yuhua project completed the estate transformation, becoming Singapore’s first green neighbourhood. This project was first initiated in 2012, aiming to introduce sustainable, energy-efficient, water and waste management features throughout the Yuhua estate.

Yuhua HDB residents will be the first in Singapore to participate in this kind of sustainable living environment. Grace Fu,Minister for Culture, Community and Youth and Adviser to Yuhua GROs, attended the completion ceremony on 28 November.

Sustainable Features of the Yuhua neighborhood

The HDB Greenprint @ Yuhua affects 38 HDB blocks (209-240), including 3,200 households in total. The following green features have been introduced to the Yuhua neighbourhood:

  • Energy & Water Conservation: Solar panels, Rainwater Harvesting System
  • Waste Management: Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS)
  • Greenery Enhancement: Green roofs, Vertical Greenery
  • Eco – living: Green Commuting, Community Outreach Programmes
  • The Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System (PWCS) allows for more efficient and hygenic waste removal throughout the estate. Using high speed air suction, the PWCS transfers waste through an underground pipe network. This waste will make its way to its end destination, the Centralised Bin Centre. With the PWCS, waste collection is automated, reducing the chance of spillage and creating a more efficient process for collectors.

Green roofs and vertical greenery have been installed throughout the estate. This has reduced block surface temperatures by up to 15 degrees, which makes the setting more cool and comfortable for all.

Energy Savings through Sustainable Living solutions

On average, the Elevator Energy Regeneration Systems (EERS) use 20 percent less energy than conventional lifts. These have been installed in 16 blocks throughout Yuhua estate. Outdoor street lights have been replaced with energy-saving LED lighting, reducing energy consumption by at least 50%. Lifts and common area lighting features are powered by energy generated by rooftop solar panelling.

Additionally, the Rainwater Harvesting System saves up to 1700 m3 of water per year. This is equal to the monthly water intake of 94 4-room HDB flat units.

Through this project, Yuhua has been recognised with the BCA Green Mark Award (Platinum). This recognises existing residential buildings meeting the standards of the BCA Green Mark scheme. We recently touched base with Mr. Ang Kian Seng, Group Director, Technology Development, BCA, who told us more about the recent Green Mark 2015.

 “With the completion of HDB Greenprint, we have made Yuhua more green and brought sustainable living to our residents. They now enjoy a cleaner, greener and more pleasant living environment.” Stated HDB CEO, Dr Cheong Koon Hean.

“This year, we have also extended the HDB Greenprint to Teck Ghee, so that more residents can benefit from the initiatives. HDB will continue working towards making every town and estate more liveable with sustainable initiatives that improve the lives of our residents. ”

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