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Health Ministry of Vietnam launches Online Public Services

Health Ministry of Vietnam launches Online Public Services

This week, 4 levels of online public services have been introduced by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health.

Levels of Public Service registration are:

  • Level 1: Procedures to fill in the required forms and information about time and service cost are available online.
  • Level 2: The service allows users to download the required forms to be printed out and filled in later.
  • Level 3: The applicant can fill in and submit the forms online.
  • Level 4: Service payments can be settled online. Transactions results are available either online or by post, upon request.

Service level 4 is the highest of the four administration service levels in the country.

This newly introduced online service is expected to make the registration process for enterprises involved in healthcare sector, a more convenient and efficient one. It will ease trading and food production companies in applying for certifications on meeting food safety regulations and conditions.

In peculiar, management units, businesses and personnel can now make use of the online registration service level 4 to perform administrative formalities, submit required forms, handle documents and payments as well as receive results by merely using an internet accessible computer.

The integration and application of information and technology in health administrative management thus aims to boost management efficiency and consequently, resulting in better management of community health concerns.

“It will create favourable conditions for enterprises, especially in terms of reducing expenses and time, and increase transparency and publicity in health administrative management,” said Health Minister Nguyen Thi Kim Tien.

Asides from the benefits to enterprises and businesses, the community can also get better and greater access to public services now.

A pilot registration for advertising the content of dietary supplements and food have also been started and nearly 600 enterprises that had registered have already been issued authorisation by the online service system.

Thus, such online services have not only helped to ease difficulties encountered by enterprises in the implementation of administrative procedures but has also benefited the community by making such services more accessible for them.

Image from CDC GlobalCC BY 2.0

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