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Health Sector Gets Online Payment Option in the Philippines

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked catastrophe on the health and economic systems, contactless payments were a popular method of payment. Contactless payments have emerged as an essential solution for all businesses, allowing them to drive their operations forward while also ensuring safety in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

In line with its mission to provide world-class care, the Philippines’ tertiary hospital has partnered with a leading e-payment company to provide best-in-class digital payment technologies to its healthcare system.

Patients can now experience a safer and more convenient way to pay for hospital bills and services, from on-site medical checkups to drive-thru laboratory services and online health consultations. Patients can pay for hospital services using e-payment with credit or debit card, as well as other e-wallets, at the hospital cashier’s One terminal, payment link via the Digital Invoice for teleconsultation, and soon, through the payments checkout online payment portal at the hospital’s website.

“We are grateful to work with our leading e-payment service as this engagement helps to strengthen our mission to provide quality healthcare solutions and exceptional service to our patients, especially at these unprecedented times. With the availability of digital payment options to settle fees for our services, it makes it easier and more convenient for patients and family members. Plus, we get to assure them even further that we implement strict health and safety protocols so they can have worry-free transactions and visits,” said, the President of the Philippine’s hospital.

In the midst of the pandemic, the hospital has launched new healthcare services, including (Home and Office service for RT-PCR and other laboratory services), Teleconsultation, COVID-19 Home Healthcare service, Park and Lab, and Park and Swab Drive-Thru RT PCR Service. These services ensure that patients continue to receive the quality care they require during a pandemic.

The president of the e-payment company then added, “Providing patients and their families with access to contactless and cashless payment options is important. It brings safety and convenience to the overall patient experience. We are excited to bring the best digital payment technologies to the hospital and the rest of the healthcare industry.”

The e-payment company provides seamless payment solutions that enable merchants of all sizes to accept digital payments online and in-person – whether via e-wallet, cards, or QR codes. It leads the way as the preferred online payment gateway for Philippine businesses due to its user-friendly and accessible online payment solutions that can be easily integrated into various e-commerce channels.

OpenGov Asia reported that when the coronavirus threatened to engulf the mostly cash-reliant archipelago, the Philippines unexpectedly saw a steady take-up of cashless and digital payment methods, a steadier acceptance of e-commerce over physical shopping, and even the establishment of the Philippines’ first ‘cash-lite’ community.

Some economic transactions may have shifted to online marketplaces during this time period, as people and businesses increasingly turned to online platforms to conduct economic and social activities. Nevertheless, the rise in platform use was highly variable across industries and countries.

Countries with higher levels of economic and technological development, easier access to infrastructure and connectivity, better digital skills, and broader Internet use saw a greater increase in the use of online marketplaces, potentially mitigating the COVID-19 shock’s negative effects on output and jobs.

Technology has drastically altered the way we live and behave in many industries. In terms of payments, the way we shop, and pay is constantly changing. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrates how payment trends can shift at any time. Rather than attempting to predict the future, our goal as a tech-first payments company is to provide merchants with the tools they need to adapt and thrive in any environment.


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