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High-tech bomb response robots join the front line in Australia

High tech bomb response robots join the front line in Australia

Feb 22, Australian Minister of Police Lisa Neville
two new state-of-the-art high-tech bomb response robots which will
join Victoria Police in the front line.

the Australian Government’s technology revolution for Victoria Police
continues, two new high-tech bomb response robots will assist police with
surveillance, security and bomb-disposal operations.

new bomb response robots are more technologically advanced and will replace the
aging robots to ensure police have the latest technology available to keep
Victorians safe,” Minister of Police Lisa Neville said.

May last year, the Dragon Runner (DR20) – a small, fast and agile robot – has
been in operation to assist Australian police.

DR20 can access confined spaces and can be rapidly deployed to provide a faster
assessment of suspicious packages, improvised explosive device or hazardous

two new bomb response robots to join the front line are Telerob Explosive
Ordnance Disposal and Observation Robot (TEODOR) and TELEMAX.

is a large and versatile bomb response robot that is designed to replace people
in potentially dangerous situations and to perform hazardous tasks for them. Operated
by remote control, the TEODOR can deploy a wide range of tools including
drills, grinders and x-ray equipment.

new robot recruit was put through its paces last week when it was used to
investigate a suspicious package found on Russell Street, which caused parts of
the CBD to be closed down. The package was eventually declared safe.

TELEMAX is a medium robot designed to access public transport vehicles such as
planes, trains, trams and buses. It can also carry a wide range of bomb
response tools and equipment.

 “The robots will
ensure the Bomb Response Unit has the best equipment and the flexibility to
respond to security incidents and modern policing challenges,” Minister of
Police Lisa Neville said.

new robots were funded as part of the Labor Government’s A$596 million Public
Safety Package announced as part of the Victorian Budget 2016/17.

robots are just one part of our record investment to support our frontline
squad officers and keep Victorians safe,” she added.

Labor Government’s record $2 billion investment is giving police the resources
– including 3,135 new police – the powers, the technology and the laws they
need to keep Victorians safe.

investment has already delivered major improvements to police’s capability to
target and respond to crime through the new 24-hour Monitoring and Assessment
Centre, intelligence system, mobile technology, and soon-to-be deployed
body-worn cameras.

As reported
, a trial of 200 cameras will be rolled out to police in Epping and
Ballarat in April this year as the first stage of the Victoria Police
state-wide roll out of body worn cameras.

will use the technology to gather evidence which may be used in court for
greater transparency and decision making including the ability to capture
real-time video evidence of the scene of an incident.

trial is part of the Labour Government’s plan to deliver 11,000 cameras by 2020
to police across the state of Victoria, Australia.

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