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HK CityU acquires new 3D printing tech

Image Credits: AE Research, News Article

A leading Israel-based additive electronics provider has announced the sale of DragonFly Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM) system to the City University of Hong Kong (CityU).

The aim is to use the technology to allow faster prototyping of next-gen 3D integrated robotics and sensing structures coupled with reducing the cost of research and development.

The DragonFly LDM system will allow the researchers at CityU to prototype and produce non-planar circuitry and multi-layer PCBs, with compound geometric properties and compact structures due to the system’s capability to simultaneously 3D print polymer and metal with high precision.

The technology will further allow the research lab to eliminate traditional fabrication methods including lithography and etching, reducing the development cost for sensing and electronic devices and accelerating prototyping.

Further technological innovations may lead to the development of four-dimensional actuators, which are new elements of robotic actuators with programmable structures that continuously self-morph when responding to external stimulants.

A Research Assistant professor at CityU was reportedly quoted stating that the LDM system will facilitate the researchers at the City University of Hong Kong with an advantage to carry out advanced research in innovating technologically advanced sensors and robotics systems.

In the next two years, the research teams aim at implementing 3D print electronics mechanism into various advanced projects, such as in the development of removable motion sensors for lab animals and combined antennas for cyber robots, the Professor noted.

3D printing or additive manufacturing has been gaining considerable momentum in the Asia Pacific region, with countries like China and India witnessing multiple technology partnerships to bolster the regional industry.

For the record, the DragonFly LDM printing technology developed by the Israel-based additive electronics provider is the industry’s sole comprehensive manufacturing platform for a 3D platform of electronic circuitry.

The technology was launched in July 2019 and is designed to boost Industry 4.0 and facilitate manufacturing for the Internet of Things devices.

According to the CEO of the tech company, the increasing interest for the systems from research labs and universities aiming at increasing the adoption of manufacturing of electronics, time-saving and enhanced innovations.

Creating space for tech and innovation

According to another report, the 39th HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Autumn Edition) and the 23rd electronicAsia will be held concurrently at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 13 to 16 October 2019.

The two fairs will gather around 4,300 exhibitors from across the globe, showcasing a wide variety of intelligent products, innovative start-up ideas and electronic components.

HKTDC’s Deputy Executive Director stated that Hong Kong’s electronics industry is the largest merchandise export earner of the territory, accounting for 68% of Hong Kong’s total exports in 2018.

As the world’s largest electronics marketplace, the Autumn Electronics Fair and electronicAsia attracted close to 87,000 buyers from 139 countries and regions in 2018.

Held concurrently under one roof, the two fairs will gather electronics products, start-ups, components and technologies to create more business opportunities between exhibitors and buyers.

International speakers from worldwide tech giants will share their forward-looking insights on the latest 5G network development and how this will extend to other areas of technology advancement.

It is hoped that more academic-industry exchanges and partnerships will be established to push forward Hong Kong’s smart city and tech-driven agenda.

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