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HK government launches smart glasses

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab has announced that one of its incubated tech firms is now ready to have its solution be acquired by other firms, government agencies and academic institutions.

Solution description

MAD Gaze smart glasses have been launched in several models, including monocular, binocular, integrated, split, considering customers with different needs.

Integrated smart glasses, battery memory, etc. are installed in the smart glasses, operate with Android system, compatible with most Android apps on the market; support Wi-fi and Bluetooth. The integrated smart glasses are not subject to any restrictions.

It is a completely independent smart wearable product without connecting to a computer or mobile phone. The built-in optical sensor can be automatically or manually adjusted regardless of the scene environment.

MAD Gaze smart glasses can be used with a variety of different operation modes. With gesture control and voice recognition, users can free their hands, which is different from the experience of using other devices.

Smart glasses are an alternative to mobile phones and tablets. In addition to being lightweight, they are more suitable for busy urbanites and can handle multiple tasks simultaneously.

The latest GLOW series is split-type smart glasses and MR mixed reality binocular smart glasses for the consumer market launched by MAD Gaze.

It has changed the first three technology-rich design styles of MAD Gaze and replaced it with a design similar to ordinary sunglasses.

With the ability to choose between two different choices of the optical display, weighing 75 grams, foldable, the smart glasses are currently the lightest of all binocular smart glasses.

They also intelligently integrate fashion, lightness, portability, comfort and technology. These wearable devices are simple plug and play. They directly connect to the mobile phone, and power and content are supplied by the mobile phone.

Application Areas

The technology can be applied to City Management, Commerce and Industry, Health, Housing, Law and Security as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Mixed Reality and Video Analytics.

Use case

MAD Gaze smart glasses can help customers solve existing problems in all walks of life or increase their production capacity.

The introduction of smart glasses can improve companies’ performance, and it can also achieve publicity and improve their reputation.

However, many customers do not understand application development, so the firm’s team customizes development for them.

For example, MAD Gaze smart glasses can identify the appearance of a target for police/customs through face recognition technology, quickly obtain relevant information, and effectively combat crime.

In the medical field, directly displaying images during operation via the smart glasses saves time. In addition, the data from the original surgical data display screen can be seen through the glasses and saves an average of ten minutes for every two hours of operation.

This greatly reduces the risk and cost of surgery; can also replace the laser gun in the logistics industry.

People can use the MAD Gaze smart glasses to directly confirm logistics numbers, scan QR codes, and take photos of shipments in real-time to ensure that goods are not damaged during transportation, in order enable the responsibility of both parties.

In addition, the tech can simplify the complicated operation process of the logistics industry. In addition to the above examples, instant remote assistance, searching database manuals, indoor navigation, and AR guidelines can also bring reforms to traditional industries and complete work more efficiently, thereby saving costs.

Following the maturity of AR technology, it can simulate different situations, including medical surgery, car repair and other complex technologies, allowing employees to practice repeatedly and increase accuracy.

Customers can also use smart glasses for inspection operations. Management can directly see the inspections of local supervisors in the office or mobile phone in real-time, reducing time and costs and improving efficiency.

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