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HK government tech lab launches new PaaS system

The COVID-19 pandemic is still wreaking havoc on the world’s economic sectors. However, enabled by the government, the innovation sector in Hong Kong is pushing forward. The Smart Government Innovation Lab has thus sustained its release of solutions develops by its various incubatees.

Recently, another one of its supported firms has developed a solution which is now ready to be acquired by other firms, government agencies and academic institutions.

Solution description

The incubatee has developed an InterOps Accelerator (iA) to be a PaaS (Platform as a Service) ecosystem with the intention of automating processes to achieve reductions of Mean Time to Detection & Resolution (MTTD & MTTR), gain efficiencies, and close the gap between IT operations & cybersecurity.  All with a goal of SecOps Automation.

The challenges currently in Security Operations are:

  1. A shortage of skilled resources,
  2. An increasing volume of threats and impossibility of relying upon manual operations,
  3. A lack of integrated solutions (or Single Pane of Glass, “SPoG”) to visualize analyzed Big Data, automate in the resolution process to reduce cyber risks as rapidly as they are increasing. The firm refers to the way we address the 3rd problem as AI2 or Artificial & Augmented Intelligence.

This ecosystem will provide preventative intelligence for any organization to address identified vulnerabilities and deploy tested remediations based upon community input or the firm’s proprietary PaaS validation to execute the resolution process with or without iA. or Preventative Intelligence can be accessed by subscription or without charge to reduce the MTTD & MTTR.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas in the areas of City Management, Commerce and Industry, Development, Education, Employment and Labour, Finance, Infrastructure, Law and Security as well as Transport.

Technologies Used

The solution employs Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning, Mobile Technologies as well as Predictive Analytics.

Use cases

The ecosystem and its preventive intelligence will benefit any organization that needs to reduce the cyberattack risk by participation, with or without a fee.

The correlated, tested, and weighted intelligence with remediation recommendations are for those organizations to access and in return to contribute their feedback to improve the accuracy and broaden the knowledge for all.

About the Smart Government Innovation Lab

In 2018, the Government established the Smart Government Innovation Lab to explore hi-tech products such as AI and relevant technologies, including machine learning, big data analytics, cognitive systems and intelligent agent, as well as blockchain and robotics from firms, especially local start-ups.

The Lab is always on the lookout for innovation and technology (I&T) solutions that are conducive to enhancing public services or their operational effectiveness.

I&T suppliers are encouraged to regularly visit the Lab’s website to check on the current business and operational needs in public service delivery and propose innovative solutions or product suggestions to address them.

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