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HK govt tech lab launches AI and IT enhanced learning platform

Hong Kong’s Smart Government Innovation Lab has been putting out a slew of innovations develops by its various incubatees.

Recently, one of its supported firms developed a solution which is now ready to be acquired by other firms, government agencies and academic institutions.

Solution description

The solution was developed by the Immersive Education Academy, an education technology company based in Hong Kong.

Over the past 8 years, the firm has developed and streamlined a custom-built AI and IT enhanced learning management system that is capable of automatically creating personalized content and learning plans for teachers and students.

This platform is being used mainly for English learning, but it can be used for other subject applications as well. There are three main objectives that are being focused on:

  • Increased engagement for students
  • Personalised learning plans for students
  • Reduced workloads for teachers and students

The company’s technology achieves this by collecting large quantities of learning behaviour data from students and then identifying key data correlations which are then used to create a personalised learning model for students.

The recommended plans are provided to the teacher. The expected result is an increase in student learning efficiency and performance outcome.

This project is in support of the government’s Smart City initiative. Specifically, the main policies listed below:

  • make use of innovation and technology (I&T) to address urban challenges, enhance the effectiveness of city management and improve people’s quality of living as well as Hong Kong’s sustainability, efficiency and safety;
  • enhance Hong Kong’s attractiveness to global businesses and talents; and
  • inspire continuous city innovation and sustainable economic development.

The project has synergy with the above policy directions because it incorporates the development of AI and IT enhanced technologies that are meant for use in the education sector.

The project also aims to use the data that is collected to improve the overall efficiency of education by building individualized learning models which can be used to support teachers and students at different education levels.

Moreover, while current learning subjects using this model are mainly related to English education, the learning platform and model can be expanded adapted to other learning subjects.

Within the Smart City initiative, the policies related to Smart People are most relevant as this project can be used to cultivate a learning environment for students that incorporates AI and IT learning tools, and can further support the development of local talent using English language learning – further enhancing the cities international reputation and workforce readiness with the multinational companies based in Hong Kong.

Application Areas

The solution can be applied in the areas of Development, Education as well as Population.

Technologies Used

The solution uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cloud Computing, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Natural Language, Processing and Predictive Analytics.

Use case

As mentioned in the Solution Description section, there is inherent synergy with Hong Kong’s Smart City initiative. The objectives of the firm’s technology solution are both practical, scalable and multifunctional.

The solution aims to fulfil the goals that both the public and the government desire. Hong Kong is focusing on driving innovation to achieve better and more efficient learning outcomes.

The solution does not replace the traditional method of learning but improves it by creating a non-intrusive blended model of learning. Therefore, the risk is low.

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