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HKPC Upgrades Tech Centre for Advanced Manufacturing

Image Credits: HKPC, Press Release

The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) has upgraded the Hong Kong Watch & Clock Technology Centre to Smart Wearables, Watch and Clock Technology Centre (the Centre) aimed at facilitating the promotion of reindustrialisation and the development of high-end advanced manufacturing in Hong Kong as well as assisting the traditional watch and clock industry to seize the opportunity of upgrading and transformation.

In addition to providing smart manufacturing consultancy services and technical support, the Centre is also the first and only platform in Hong Kong to offer testing and verification of the prototypes of smart wearables, watch and clock simultaneously. It will work to accelerate the commercialisation of high-value-added wearable research and development (R&D) results, allowing the local industry to seize business opportunities and opening a new charter for Hong Kong’s smart wearables, watch and clock industry.

The Centre provides the industry with both a “one-stop” consultancy and technical training services, from comprehensive technical support on smart production lines and advanced manufacturing, new material R&D to craftsmanship and product design, and offers over 50 different independent testing services in compliance with international and Swiss standards, including the already-accredited chronometer test for mechanical movement, as well as smart wearables testing and verification services in keeping pace with the times.

As the popularity of wearable devices continues to grow, Hong Kong has become the region with the most wearable devices per capita and the highest usage rate in the Asia-Pacific region recently, and the market size of smartwatches in China is expected to exceed RMB40 billion by 2025.

Moreover, the local industry has also expedited the pace of upgrading and transformation, and actively explored business opportunities in the Mainland and global markets for smart wearables. In view of this, HKPC has added a smart wearable testing service – smart wearable accuracy tests, to the Centre.

By creating a database of limb movements via artificial intelligence and sensors, functional accuracy tests for smart wearable products, covering pedometer, heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen content, etc., can be generated to respond to the needs of the market and the local industry and to help create smart wearables solutions suitable for Asians, and move towards high value-added advanced manufacturing, ensuring the years of achievements of the industry to continue to shine.

The Commissioner for Innovation and Technology of the HKSAR Government noted that HKPC has always provided strong backing for the industry and has upgraded the ‘Hong Kong Watch & Clock Technology Centre’ to ‘Smart Wearables, Watch and Clock Technology Centre’ to support the sustainable development of the industry in the trend of reindustrialisation. Together with innovation and transformation, Hong Kong’s watch and clock manufacturing industry can pass on its excellent reputation to future generations.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of HKPC noted that wearable technology has been one of the fastest-growing technology industries recently. The rise of smart wearables reflects the huge market demand for such products and the realisation that a single timing function is no longer satisfied. To enhance the competitiveness of the Hong Kong industry in the world, HKPC carefully follows market needs and provides corresponding R&D and technical support solutions.

He noted that because of the trust of the government and the industry as well as the effort and dedication of the team, the Centre was successfully launched. HKPC will continue to serve as the bridge between the government and the industry and promote the development of I&T and reindustrialisation in Hong Kong so that the industry can maintain its advantages and open new opportunities, the Chairman added.

After the opening ceremony, a technology forum on “Future and Opportunities for Smart Wearables” was held. Topics included the development of smart wearables and the countermeasures to their cyber security; upgrading and transformation by using technology to integrate tradition and innovation, so that both traditional Hong Kong watch craftsmanship and advanced manufacturing can co-exist; how innovative technologies can make smart wearables shine in the sports, fitness, and healthcare markets.

The nation is keen to become a digital and tech powerhouse in the region across multiple fields. Recently, Hong Kong’s Chief Executive welcomed the country’s recruitment of payload specialists for the first time in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) in the launch of the recruitment of the fourth batch of astronauts.

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