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HKSTP and HKDA launch new design-meets-tech initiative

Image Credits: HKSTP, Press Release

Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA), in collaboration with the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP), recently announced the launch of the Design x Technology (DXT) initiative.

The initiative is a revolutionary programme aimed at facilitating local designers to collaborate with technology companies.

DXT’s goal is to develop innovative products and services that are suitable for the marketplace while promoting excellence in design for technology industries in Hong Kong.

A ceremony was held on 27 April to open the 2020 edition of DXT, which has the support of Create Hong Kong (“CreateHK”) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (the HKSAR Government) as the lead sponsor.

The first project of its kind in Hong Kong, DXT aims to provide a curated platform that connects the best local design and I&T talents to form startup partnerships.

Through the exchange of new ideas and expertise in their respective professional areas, designers and technopreneurs can combine creative ideas and technology know-how to co-create innovative products and solutions that help tackle modern-life challenges.

Echoing the Government’s commitment to promoting the creative and I&T industries in Hong Kong, HKDA has partnered with HKSTP to launch the DXT POD.

Located at G/F, Lakeside 2, 10W of the Hong Kong Science Park, the DXT POD will serve as the centre for DXT to further facilitate a closer linkage between the design and technology communities and for the public to glimpse through various products and services that embody the spirit of design and technology.

The launch ceremony of DXT cum DXT POD opening ceremony was jointly officiated by the Assistant Head of CreateHK, the Chairman of HKSTP, the Chair of HKDA, with the presence of an artificial intelligence (AI) product which mimics the DXT lead, Vice-Chair of HKDA.

This “SpeechX Virtual Character” is a speech-driven photo-realistic talking head AI-powered product developed by Science Park partner company SpeechX Limited, designed to perform dialogue behaviour and creates instant interactions by using a less than 5 minutes short video of the target person. This beautifully designed product also represents the idea of Design x Technology.

At the opening ceremony, the Chair of HKDA stated that design as a profession will continue to evolve into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as it is creative. A new wave of designers taught to solve incredibly gnarly 21st-century problems.

Designers have a high potential to move into leadership positions and take up the key roles to push the industry to new heights of sophistication.

The HKSTP Chairman noted that across all industries, design plays a vital role in the success of every product or service, from conceptualisation to production, right up to consumption.

Through a cross-platform like DXT, the Park’s technopreneurs will be able to forge partnerships with local design talents to turn their creative ideas into practical, user-friendly solutions with a greater commercial appeal not only in Hong Kong but on the global stage too.

The Assistant Head of CreateHK encouraged the local design community to step up their collaboration with other sectors in anticipation of Hong Kong’s economic recovery.

With the theme of “Design x Technology: The New Perspective of Business Ambition”, DXT 2020 presents a series of Live Talks, a matching platform, an accelerator program, exhibition and conference.

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