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HKSTP and partners organise STEM event to include youth in tech

Image Credits: HKSTP, Press Release

The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) recently co-organised Hong Kong’s first inter-school STEM + E Program 2019.

The event was held on the HKSTP premises and was organised in partnership with several local schools. The project is owned by the Science Park Corporation and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology School of Business Administration (HKUST Business School), a supporting co-organizer.

The partnership aims to raise awareness among younger generations about technology and innovation and entrepreneurship and to enable them to build innovative and critical thinking through activities that will enable them to achieve better future growth.

The five teams that entered the final competition each published their business analysis and recommendations for their start-ups.

The program has brought together a total of 100 students from five schools, which began in December 2018 and will continue for a period of six months. Each team consists of five students from different secondary schools. It consists of 20 teams and participates in a series of workshops, seminars and special events.

Five HKSTP start-up companies participated in the projects. Through the exchanges happening in this way, students are gaining a deeper understanding of their background, technology, development status and overall development of Hong Kong.

At the same time, with the assistance of the students of HKUST Business School, students worked together to propose solutions and business suggestions for the challenges faced by the company.

Five start-up companies selected the most representative five teams to enter the final competition.

The Director of the Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Program and Enterprise Accelerator for HKSTP stated that talent is one of the keys to the development of the company.

Working with groups of academic partners and joining the five HKSTP companies to participate in the first joint school has so far been incredibly productive and interesting.

As young people are the future of the community, the company has always attached importance to their training and look forward to cultivating more future creative talents in Hong Kong, which will make the Techco Ecosphere more vigorous.

Deputy Dean of the HKUST Business School stated that the performance of the teams participating in this competition is very good. Their business proposals and proposals are very creative and encouraged.

The academic institution is invested in this project because it will promote the widespread participation of students in the digital transformation of Hong Kong. The growth will help them develop in the future; it will be a rare and valuable learning experience for HKUST students who support and assist in the process.

The co-sponsor of the joint school STEM+E project stated that the project was successfully organised. The development of the company is a trend and provide more development opportunities for the younger generation. The firm will work to provide professional support to the participating students through this project. And guidelines that allow them to equip themselves early, seize opportunities, and achieve more in the future.

The President of one of the participating schools noted that being able to co-organise this project with other friends and schools for the first time was exciting and fruitful.

It helped students learn more about the development of science and the operation of the start-up in Hong Kong, and benefit their future personal development.

After last year’s attempt to apply the science park products of HKSTP to enhance the training performance of the swimming team.

The school’s head noted that the opportunity to work closely with the technology park company was not taken for granted.

It is hoped that more similar opportunities to cooperate with different partners in the future will be created to promote STEM education in Hong Kong.

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